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Jan 24, 2009
In a 1 to 10 scale, where is your car.....paint, rims, interior(carpet, trim, seats), engine bay. I personally think my car is a 8 over all.

interior- 8
Engine bay-7.5

Mud Flaps - 4
Hahahaha (edit by Riley P)
I would never say 10 because there are some beasts out there. So I'm going to go7.5...theres always room for improvement.
Paint -8 (damn you stone chips)
Rims - 9 - even the barrels are still shiny
Engine - 9
Interior - 9.5 everything still looks new...but
Seats - 7 (It's a Vette, a lot of creases but no cracks yet...knock on wood)
1985 C4 w/235 hard Kilos. Bought it last summer on a whim

paint-9.5 (added a Greenwood rear spoiler, stripped, repainted, wet sanded & replaced all weatherstripping. It was a 3-4 when I bought it)

rims and tires-8 (Changed to 17 in. ZR1 wheels with bridgestone potenza tires. It was a 3 as the clearcoat on the original rims was cloudy & peeling)

interior-4 (was a 2 - replaced the visors, steering wheel, tinted windows, added a really nice 6 speaker Alpine system. Seat covers & new carpet on order)

engine-4 (runs much better-Thanks to Manny & Rob, A/c retrofiited to R134a - blows cold)

seats-1 (desperately need the seat covers installed)

over-all- 5 looks good from 50 feet away (so much to do ... so little cash)
I would say my car is an 8 or 8.5 overall. The interior, paint, wheels, etc are all good. All of the gauges work - even the clock keeps perfect time. It sounds good after getting the new exhuast last year. The engine bay needs to be detailed, the A/C compressor needs to be retro fitted and charged. If I ever had to take the transmission out I'd get the main seal on the tranny and engine replaced. So far tranny oil additive is helping with oil leaking past the main seal, and to make it a 9 or a 10 the undercarriage would need to be detailed and painted. But if the undercarriage was all deatiled and painted, I might not drive it as much.

Only an 8 or 8.5? I would have been expecting a 9-9.5 on your car!

I am with Riley I really think your car is great and the vacuums all working and the fiber optics!!! How ever I agree with the over all assessment because of the under side but DONT get it done or we will never see that beauty again!

OH and I guess we would miss you to Dave:rofl:

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