Jan 26, 2009
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Who out there has install chrome lettreing on the exterior?
What should I use to clean the surface? Instruction say to use household
alcohol?? with soup and water. I want to do it right coz there is no second chance here!!!!


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ive done alot i just use windex and let it dry for a few minutes then give it some hard wipes with a clean micro cloth then apply (their easy to apply)
as long as u clean the area nice they will stick for along time i had all the letters on my Trans Am and had them on for 3 summers they align up fine cuz the bumper is indented so the letters just fall into place and just very gently tac them on and stand back to see if there straight and if not just lighty pull them back off since u just barely stuck them on and if there straight well push em on lol good luck
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