Nov 20, 2012
st-bruno, quebec, canada
2012 zr1 centennial
It is easy, on the net, to find how many base model or gs or zo6 or zr1 where sold, but how can we know how many are canadian (rpo z49)? I am trying to find this info since I have the car (July 2012) but can't find it. Canadian cars seem to have a few different rpo tha I can not find any definition. Any Idea or sugestion? rpo dns?, 6X1?, 7X1? z49?
That data is available from 2005-2010, but 2011 and 2012 data does not show the Z49 or V8E code for the production numbers in the sources that I have.
Production: for Canadian cars
2005 - all models-1248, Coupes-789, verts-459
2006 -all models-949, Coupes-290, verts-349, Z06-310
2007 -all models-860, Coupes-286, verts-256, Z06-318
2008 -all models-643, Coupes-212, Verts-181, Z06-250
2009 -all models-315, Coupes-127, verts-69, Z06-76, ZR1-43
2010 -all models-348, Coupes-65, Verts-83, Z06-34, ZR1-73

GM Canada might be able to get you the 2011, 2012 and 2013 data if you e-mail GM Canada.

Hope this was a bit of help

Parts guys range from useless to superb. Ross and Les at Lindsay Buick-GMC in Lindsay are excellent. Back in the late '80s these parts guys put me onto the GM of Canada documentation available for our cars. It was free then. Larry Davidson was the main guy doing the documenatation work at that time. He also put me onto the Lemans Sport that I eventually bought and did over. Ross and Les found disc brake splash shields in a dealer's inventory away down in the U.S. mid west. I was still getting stuff through them for the Chevelle and Lemans when other parts guys were telling people that the stuff was no longer available.
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In 2005 there were 1248 Corvettes sold in Canada. Spread them out across the country and you are hard pressed to see one. So, what do I see in Peterborough last summer.......a silver one identical to ours. What are the odds?
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