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Jul 28, 2013
Martensville Sk
1976, hopefully
Looking around and test driving C3's has made me more aware of having to shed a few pounds. Tonight I tried to test drive another '76 that didnt have tilt steering, and I couldnt lift my leg to put my foot on the clutch. It's too bad because the car is absolutely gorgeous and in amazing shape. If I bought it I would have to change the column out.
How well do you C3-ers fir in your car?
And shame on you if you thought I was getting cheeky with the title!
i'm 6ft and 235lb and i fit fine in my shark. i have t and t steering though. my only real problem getting in and out comes from old guy arthritic joints.

I hear you on that Doug and I have a C6! -- Wondering how I'll do with the wide Sill of the C4.

5' 11" and about 205 g or t. :D

Thank God for T & T.
drove a C3 for years and had no problem with the clutch peddle but I did install t&t, lots of them to be had for under $400. I'm 6ft 250lbs, now C4's that's a whole other thing, had to be a contortionist to get in and out of my '93!
5'7" and about 165lb. No tilt and tele in my '75 and it's an automatic. I have no problem at all and actually like the wheel right where it is. If you're having trouble fitting you should look at a '77 and up as they shortened the column by 2 inches in '77 for that reason.
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