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Hot Deals Forum is crowd sourced information and deals for Corvette owners about the best deals online and in general retail. It will be heavily moderated so please keep discussions on topic about the particular deal thread. Threads and posts may be deleted without notice if we find you're not adhering to the rules or the thread is going off topic.

We are happy to see all types of automotive deals on everything from oil, brake pads and other consumables to Corvette accessories, parts and car listings.

Expired Deals or those found to be Cold should be marked with the appropriate prefix either by the thread owner or by a mod.

In addition to our CCF Forum rule book the following rules apply specifically to our Hot Deals forum:

1. This is NOT a classifieds forum so please do not post your personal items for sale here instead check out our Classifieds forums.
2. Please no off topic discussions, let's keep deal discussions specific to the deal at hand.
3. Absolutely no dealer & affiliate listings, business/self promotion etc. These are deals primarily for members by members. Please do NOT promote your personal kijiji listings here.
4. Deals must be legal i.e. no scams.
5. If you are listing a Kijiji or Ebay (or other classifieds listing), we ask you to copy the content into the deal thread so members can decide whether its worth clicking the link.
6. Deals must be available and open to the mass market i.e. no single use coupon codes or special offers available to your employer etc.
7. Deals should be for a tangible product or service and contain a price. Exception to this rule are deals with variable pricing.

VetteCoins, Awards and Polls:
- Hot Dealer Award - Each Hot Deals Thread will have a 14 day poll attached to it. If members find the deal useful we ask you to please vote Yes in the poll, if not please vote No. After 14 days provided there are more Yeses than Nays the poster will earn a Hot Deals badge. The OP will receive an automatic private message informing them of this award.

- VC Value (100) - Each eligible Hot Deals Thread will be awarded 100 VetteCoins.
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