Dec 7, 2012
barrie ont
I pick up a 2005 vette from team honda powerhouse thay have a lot of vette thire and Manny cabral is a nice guy, if you or other are looking for a vette take a look at thire site we will get the car at the end of april i can,t wait to get it home:coolgleam:
Congratulations! Can't wait to see some pics. What colour?
A friend of mine bought a Corvette earlier in the winter. It was delivered and put right in his garage as per contract. He hasn't driven it yet and has only been able to clean, polish and hug it ALLLLLL winter. This is probably the longest winter of his life. At least you only have a couple of months to wait. They will be long months too. This last part of the winter is going to be long for all of us. Hey, you did get the right year. ;)
Nice! Was it the silver one they had there? If so, it was the one that I saw on autotrader.ca.

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