The stock headlights on the C5's are terrible at best. I can leave the brights on and people don't flash me. I upgraded to the super bright Silvastars with no success as they previous owner seemed to have had the same idea as me. I am overdriving the lights at 110km/h so it's about time I changed to new ones....and that's with the brights on!

What do others think of the stock C5 lights?

I don't know how many people are against fixed lights on C5's but I thought I would give them a try. Not my car.


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WOOOOO! :canada:

Well I guess this is a good time to tell you it will take at least that long to have the snowbank in front of your shed to melt. of course i could be persuaded to move the snowbank so it melts faster. Then I get to play with th Bobcat.

So, the car is out and on the prowl. And I just found out the headlights have shipped! I imagine they should be here in a week or two. I can't wait! I'll post up when I get them!
Well, I have the new headlights in and they are awe-some! I can finally see driving down the road. However, they were not quite adjusted right the first time and I was blinding people. Whoops! The second adjustment left them too low and I figured I needed another 100 feet on low beams when on the highway. I adjusted them a third time with the help of SilverVette and I'll have to test them again when it gets dark out. I'll keep you peeps posted.

Here is a picture with the surrounds not completely adjusted. I am working on a fix (you don't want to know the red neck fix I used to see what they would look like in their final position. I'll get some better pics on Thursday and hopefully find a stock C5 to compare light output pics.

Lights mounted in the car:

Shrouds in!


Thanks guys! As for the pony's, boy, I am wracking my head to think of when that could be. It's at least a few raises away. :( I would LOVE some more ponies though.

As for the lights, I got to flash my brights at some drunks J-walking across the street to tell them to hurry up. It was actually quite hilarious as I had my windows down and could hear the typical guy grumbling from the fellas and I think one of the girls must have looked at the lights because she let out a Wooo! HA! Drunks.

More pics to come of some night shots. I hope the headlights are set to the right height so I can leave them, and use them. Oh! Plus I still have to hook up the terminators, although they won't look quite right as I have to paint the cut off shields on the lights and don't really feel like doing that right now.
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