Mar 14, 2014
So You Can't Afford A New C 7 ....

And You Can't Find A Dealership That Will Allow You To Take a Test Drive ....

And None Of Your Friends will Let You Drive Theirs ....

Hertz To Offer Corvette Stingray Rentals .....

Only In America ...

The 2014 Stingray has just been added to Hertz’s Dream Car Collection ...

Starting At $250.00 A Day ....

You can get the Stingray Hertz edition in velocity yellow or blade silver, all with black interior, starting at just $250 a day. As with the C6, the Hertz edition will feature a black hood stripe.

So If Your In Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego and a few other lucky locations. ....
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thought they would've learned better after the mustang debacle in the 60's. :rofl:

that's a good price to rent one for anyone wishing to make sure they would want a steady diet of the new model....

they rented out 08 & 09 ZHZ yellow Vets and they were well equipped, there are 2 on Kijiji for sale right now and the prices are holding well. The wheels and black stripes give them away:


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what does "starting at" mean? And I bet its $$$XX and then some crazy price per mile!! And then in a few years the sellers offering a SPECIAL EDITION HERTZ collector one of a kind ..........!!!!!!!!
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