Should Tony Let Us All Down?

  • Keep the Corvette, it's kid friendly and doesn't start wars

    Votes: 10 41.7%
  • Buy the Boxster, burn books, and speak with zee accent

    Votes: 1 4.2%
  • Keep both cars, but save the black one for Octoberfest

    Votes: 8 33.3%
  • His decision lets be mature about it (insert hollow laugh)

    Votes: 5 20.8%

  • Total voters
Oct 13, 2011
Ancaster, ON
2004 convertible
Is it time to trash the months old Corvette and replace it with a beauty from the fatherland? Tony can't decide and is hoping that this unbiased poll will guide him to the correct decision.

Votng in this poll will help your post count and also protect you when Tony and his friends from the southern hemisphere finally reach their goal of world domination.
My goodness,...Wayne you have a lot to answer for !! And unlike Kitchener,
near to Colin, Welland never changed its name.

Here we are in a humble abode, and somehow its exploded into an
empire and sub protected seaway !!

You will just have to wait until I turn up at the next Mudders meeting. [g].

Tony, you know you have big shoulders so you can easily put up with my silliness. Besides what a wonderful problem to have, we should all be so lucky.

And as I told you when you took my $5 so I could sit in your car......"what ever makes you happy is the best choice, besides it's not like it's a long term relationship" and "I'd still like to see you in a big Healy"

Your $$, Your choice.
Be yery careful with a Porsche
They had rear engine bearing problems
I have a person I know bought a car , then the bearing went 3 months later.
He had it checked out before he bought it ..
It cost him $20k
It is 2002 t0 2004 I think, but check the website to find out.
Beware they are VERY costly to service!
Un, why are we having this poll?? Isn't Tony's car yellow already? Doesn't that make the poll sort of moot?? Of course a fly yellow RUF Porsche might be a different case. But a Boxster???? Nope.

Just my two pfennigs of course...........


Well, since he already has a Bugatti Veyron, maybe something modest like a Lambo Gallardo (any flavour). Italian in name but technically German. :D

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Funny Tony should end up with a Boxster -- I was looking at a Cayman in Oakville the other day......hmmmm -- what a machine......
I'll let y'all know what I decide .. I'm thinking about it......and I'll still have another corvette in the garage.

Stay tuned.


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