Jan 29, 2009
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I intend to track my car a few times this year or be a passenger. Can anyone recommend where I may buy a helmet? I would like to get a full-face and keep it well under $300. Thanks.
Canadian Tire is were I bought mine cost about $150 as long as it is a DOT tag on it is all you need to run in Alberta anyway
anything special you're looking for ? for 300 bucks you can find anything you like ! any bike store will have plenty for under 300 bucks, or you could buy used, as it is not as important for in car than if u rode a bike to have a non-dropped helmet.

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What about Flea-Bay?? 41.00 27 min to go.



Hope I don't get banned for this.

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What about Flea-Bay?? 41.00 27 min to go.



Hope I don't get banned for this.


Cool looking helmet.:coolgleam:
Not to put a down side to your post but rule number one in helmet buying is: never buy a used helmet.
One drop of a helmet can cause unseen catastrophic damage.
Also you need to try the helmet on for proper fit.
But it does look mean.:canada:
Nice helmet! As stated, motorcycle shops will have a large assortment of helmets to choose from.
Pierre I'm looking for a helmet too. Same problem with cost.

My last helmet--outdated now==bought at a motorcycle shop. Typically they're Snell and DOT approved for motorcycles only. Car approval is another category.

We did SOLO racing with PITL here in Mississauga. They accepted motorcycle helmets and didn't require themore expensive helmet for car racing. YMMV

What do Vette owners use at Mosport?

FWIW--for car racing (SNELL and DOT) Mantis Racing Oakville? Burlington?, and there's a distributor/sales place (can't remember name) in Newmarket that distributes Bell Helmets.


ps difference--someone more knowledgable? I believe that MC helmets are only required to handle 1 major impact. Car racing helmets--multiple impacts?
Hey Dave I was in Royal Distributing the other day in Guelph.
They had the largest inventory of helmets I have ever seen, every style and shape available and lots of sales on now.

They also have a store in Barrie.:canada:
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