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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
2006 vert, 1994 vert
Sloppy heavy morning folks.......worst 3" I've ever shovelled.:mad:

The 8" they promised compressed into 3" of impossibility.

If you haven't shovelled yet take it slow and get some help.

Yep we're going to get 12-18 inches of slop over the next three days ,roads will be slick till friday .We don't see sun till next week .

Now a glimmer of hope is that the extended forecast places all future daytime highs above freezing .

Not that I'm counting but 32 days till April 1st.
For once we faired pretty well. Maybe an inch but with freezing rain on top of that. Not bothering with shoveling.
Dean on the web site had a tree come down on his house. The storm came up through Kansas. We got about four inches but my little Honda snow blower has it all blown to the side. What's left on the driveway is almost all melted away. 44F and climbing here right now with very light snow still coming down.
The temperature here is starting to drop off a little. 41F and falling slowly. Still, that's a great temperature for February. :) Now, off to supper with old friends we've known since the sixties. As stuttering Freddie on the show Wingfield would say, "D-D-D-D-Dinner is at noon Walt............Everybody knows that." ;)
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yup, it's a little gift the folks in the southern mid west sent you. bet yer not gonna write to thank em' though, eh steve. :rofl:
Ya got that right .

Sounds bizarre because I just got home but I've been on the net looking for a cruise Boston to Bermuda (soon).Problem is there isn't one.:mad:I know how can I have cabin fever when I haven't been in the cabin ??
we got 3" of slush, heavy dam stuff to shovel, about 1/2 done the sidewalk, deck is done and front walkway, dam stuff is a heart attack in the making! Good thing is: Looks like March is coming in like a lion so I expect it to be nice and warm in 4 weeks ... that's :canada: for you Rob
Nasty in these parts but mostly slush.. the drive home this evening was no pleasure cruise though 60 max on 80 highways the whole way pretty much. Guy right into the cabbage on the 115 near 7
We were down 115 and into Oshawa for supper with friends yesterday. Coming home people on 115 were relatively civilized with only two zipping by. One guy was off just far enough into the snow on the shoulder that he couldn't get out. Could have been one of the ones that went flying by. Highway 35 south of Lindsay and Highway 7 east of Peterborough have their share of idiot drivers too.
Now, I'm off to take some pictures of our winter wonderland before the wind comes up and shakes the snow off the trees.
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