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Nov 29, 2010
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I have a heater control issue with my 2006 Z06. Often when I start my car and drive it for up to the first hour and even sometimes up to 2 hours the dash display in the Heater A/C control stays blank. Randomly it will just return to normal and display as it should. It seems to be worse when it is parked for a period of time. If the car is driven every day it usually works normally. Any suggestions?? Thanks.
It just seems to come back on randomly. I don't think it is voltage issue as everything else electronic on the car works fine and I replaced the battery last year. I am thinking it probably is a defective heater control module but before I spend $625 on a non-returnable part I would like to see if anyone else has had these fail and what the symptom were. Thanks
Had a similar problem with my '06. Dealer replaced the control unit. Service advisor said there were issues with early c6 hvac controlers that have been addressed in later years. Make sure the replacement hvac controler you get is a new one and not one that has been sitting on a shelf for 7-8 years.
Yep ,mine in my old 2006 ZO6 was done on warranty.Same issue.Also had to do the Nav screen on warranty in that car.It was a Vaelocity Yellow one so it proably was a Lemon.LOL
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