Oct 30, 2013
1993 ruby red
one of my headlamp motors is moving slow.Does anyone have any experience with the rebuild of these units? Where can I get the replacement gears for the rebuild? Any help would be great. thx Ken.
Delrin bushings are the usual culprit (there are three little capsules).....about $10. Basic tools, 1 hour per side, re & re, basic hand tools. Second one actually goes faster because ofexperience. 2/10 difficulty scale.
As Range has pointed out, usually the bushings are the culprits. 3 plastic pellets that disintegrate with age. I did both of mine and in both cases the gear was ok, only the bushings needed replacing. $10 vs $80 or so for the brass gear...
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My headlamps come up when starting the car in about a minute they shut, checked bushing and they seemed fine. Problem is at night if I turn on headlights with engine off they work, but if engine is running lights won't come on? Also right side lamp doesn't seem to come up all the way ? Could this be a motor issue and perhaps a wiring issue as lights don't turn on if engine is running?
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