Have a great cruise to and lunch at the Erie Beach, Bish...Excellent place to munch out on perch.
Not far from Cambridge either.
When we went to Brantford Airport to see Duff flying the C130 we saw quite a few bikers headed to Dover for the Friday the 13th celebration.

Family event going on tomorrow otherwise I'd join you.

Great place to visit.

Bon Appetite.....

It was a great drive up via Hwy 56 to #3 and across.

17 C in Burlington, 25 once we got to #56& #20, back to 16 C in Port Dover.

A Great lunch of Perch in the Cove Room for $11.95 each.

Heading home it was 16 C until Jarvis, #3. The 25 C again until Hamilton.

Drove back through York, Empire Corners, Binbrook to Burlington.

Gas on Centenial at $1.36 for 91.

Only a couple of OPP seen.
Sounds like a day well spent. I was busy sanding 2 porches on my home in prepartion for upcoming paint next week. The joys of owning a century home. Hopefully, when I complete my domestic duties, I can get out for a similar ride.
Glad to hear you had a great day Bish --- Wifey was working and I was dog/cat sitting and looking after family today......and especially enjoying Sid knowing he's much better now.

Must get down the Dover ourselves one of these days for a perch dinner. Sounds like it's as good as it ever was.

Great day for a drive today too. Hot here: at home, my thermometer showed 33*C --
Sounds like it was a little more comfortable near the lake.

I'm thinking it would be great for some of our locals here to cruise there. We'll see.

Sounds like a great day........
After my round of golf (not a good one at all) The wife says what do you want to do about dinner..... So as soon as I got home, I pulled the cover off Old Yeller; dropped the top and we went to Dover and hit the Arbor for a foot long and a Golden glow....... That made up for today's round of golf..... What a beautiful day it was out there.
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