The Edelbrock Performer RPM #60895 heads have springs installed for hydraulic roller cams and have a bit more flow than the #60909 Performer heads. I've seen them on Summit Racing's eEbay sight for $599 each. They have the straight plugs too. Match the heads up with a Performer RPM intake (which I have on mine) and you should get some pretty good numbers. The Performer RPM intake will fit under the hood (even though the website says it won't), you just can't use the stock air cleaner.
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i think the rpm heads and manifold may be overkill on the engine i'm planning.the cam i'm looking at is ideal in the 1000-5500 range, will work well with my stock converter and 3.08 gear set. will be using 3701 manifold with egr and the stock q-jet. c.r. should be 9-1 with the dished pistons and 64cc 60909 performer heads. i guess my main concern is will those heads be compatible with roller lifters ? thanks. doug.
Chris Straub can certainly put you on the right path. He can match a cam to work with what you have in your engine. Often times, he can go with a milder cam and run quicker quarter mile times simply because the cam works with the combination instead of fighting each other. I bought some Ferrea valves from him last year and his prices seem to be decent too. Welcome to Straub Technologies. . .The Source of Performance.
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