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Feb 6, 2009
Near Winnipeg
2001 coupe
I installed a new hazard warning switch today as well as a column lock bypass, I am happy to say no problem with either install. I was having intermittent problems with the turn signals last year. I found out through some research that the hazard warning switch could be the problem, sure enough if I had the problem I could hit the hazard switch a couple of times and the signals would work.
I installed the column lock bypass to avoid being stranded, I have read that the column lock can be very troublesome so I invested the $49 usd for some piece of mind.

Removal of the console was easy and revealing, one of the previous two owners was a messy smoker, there were cigarette ashes all over the tunnel and in proximity to the ash tray. This was a good chance to give those areas a thorough cleaning.

Tomorrow I am going to change the spark plugs and wires. I bought AC Iridium plugs and GM Performance red wires.
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Thats good that everything went well I am particularly interested in the plugs and wires as I have the same Iridium plugs and wires to put in mine,please post letting me know how this was , and pictures too if you have a chance...

Hope all goes well

Good tip on the hazard switch. I was looking through the work order history of my car and noticed that the hazard switch was replaced a few years ago..good to know why. Other interesting replacements included the window regulators a couple of times!

Please show pictures of the plug and wire install.
Didn'T get a chance to finish the plugs today, I will post pictures when I finish. I did do the one that is the hardest to get at, it wasn't as bad as I thought. ;)

Got the plugs and wires finished today, here are some pictures.

First off, some reference material, my shop manual and a good how to article (pm me for the link to the article, I dont think I can post it here)



I like to organize my parts and tools before starting, here is everything that I though I would need. The manual specifies 15 NM or 132 inch pounds, use a torque wrench and use never seize on the plug threads. The gloves are a good idea to.



The hardest plug to get at is the one close to the firewall on the drivers side, start with this one. Remove the two hoses in the way first then go for it. The plug wires were difficult to remove but they do come off.


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more pictures

This is the setup I pieced together to get at the hardest plug.



This is the old and new, my car has 60 000 km on the clock. The AC Delco website that calls up this plug for the LS1 states not to change the 0.040 gap, the manual says to set the gap at 0.060, I left them at 0.040.



Once that first one is done, the rest are somewhat easier, the passenger side is very easy. It took me about three hours but I took my time, cleaned everything that I could get at enjoyed a coffee the first day and a beer the second
one more

Here is another project that I am working on, I designed my own oil catch can over the winter. I will start a thread on it after the bracket gets machined and it is mounted.


WOW!!:eek: Great post! Thanks so much for the info and the pic's that will no doubt help Riley when he does mine...:rofl:.

Do you notice any differnece with the plugs and wires? Or maybe its to soon to drive the car yet...

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