Very good question. I too am waiting to hear if anyone has done this. As for now all I can do is agree with HLN and recommend calling a shipper....except for UPS. They seem to have lost/delayed more of my shipments and they charge the highest brokerage rates of anyone I have used.

Sorry to anyone that works for UPS, but that's the experiences I have had. Normally, I try to go with USPS.
I have had good success with USPS in the past as well. Will they ship a package as large as a boxed hood panel? Has anyone used Fedex for something like this. Also, what paperwork is required to clear border customs?
you can get the paperwork yourself and fill it out ahead of time so it will be ready when the part crosses, there's no duty, but there is HST..... UPS charges big bucks to fill out the same form and check off the little box that says "exempt"...... go to any Canada Customs and ask for the forms, I can't remember the form number, it's been a while since I've done it myself, but they'll give you the correct even have the part shipped to a local sufferance wharehouse in your area, and clear it there when you pick it up....if you do the paperwork yourself.... but any shipper can do it all for you anyway, just check with them ahead of time and get their rates/fees....
fedex shipping from US to Canada

Did it in Sept 2010, used FedEx from California to Manny in Cambridge.

But this was tires; cost $70 each, but FedEx did all shipping and customs etc, and there was no 13% tax to be paid, on any of the 4 purchased.

Hope this helps

Tony, Welland
I had to ship a motorcycle engine a couple years ago from Wisconsin and found the price to get it across the border with anyone was painful. You have to use a LTL (less than truckload) freight service if it's too big for standard shipping (mine was too heavy). I used UPS to ship it to a UPS shipping depot on the US side nearest the border and went and picked it up myself, but I'm only 2 hrs from the border.

You'll need accurate dimensions and weight for the packaged item and then start getting your quotes from DHL, FedEx etc regardless.

If you check with UPS (yes, I hate them too for bringing stuff across the border) they may have an office very close to the Montana border (appears they have locations in Shelby and Cut Bank) and they will hold it while you make the trip down. Long trip though... Just one option. They are excellent at shipping within the US.
UPS is better than fedex ground for parcels larger than a breadbox. Its the other way for smaller stuff, as its 2 different fedex divisions. I also think the local driver makes a difference too. My UPS guy is a young guy, and loves all the car stuff I buy. So he remembers me, and knows how to read. Hit or miss I guess.

DHL couldn't find my house. Had to pick up, after 3 days. At work, we dropped DHL, they were ridiculously bad in calgary (during the boom - maybe better now).

I have been on the lookout for who to use.
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