Just curious if that is plausible?
I have had my C7 on ferries twice with no mishaps. The ramps were fine. No scuffing the rubber air dam. My biggest concern was someone opening their door into the side but that never happened or maybe I just got lucky. Someone told me once that your insurance doesn't cover your vehicle on a ferry but I've never verified that. Not all ferry ramps are the same though so that might be worth looking into.
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Got back to the East a week ago. Had a nice 10 days in the Vancouver area visiting friends and families.
The high light was the 2 days trip from Vancouver to Whistler, then loop back to Vancouver through Lillooet, Cache Creek and Hope the next day. All in this rental beauty. It would be even better if there were a group of us carving the mountains together in the Corvettes. :Biggrin:


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