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Jun 1, 2012
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2012 C6
Looking to help a few mild mods be as efficient as they can be, plus I like putzing with stuff in my shop..... What is the verdict - SCT or Diablo Trinity?? I think I'm leaning towards the Diablo, but some real world experience is always the best!!

Get HPTuners or EFI Live. The handhelds are canned tunes and very limited. Spend a bit more now and get more later. Just my 2 cents. Anyone?

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When I got my car modded, the ran it for a baseline of 322rwhp. Then they removed the diablo sport handheld tune in order to enable the device to be used on another car again. Then I asked them to run the car in the exact same state after they removed the diablo tune... 323rwhp. So unless someone has better empirical evidence then that... They're garbage and dare I say... "Scam".

I still have it. All yours for $60.
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