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I brought back an old thread to discuss this but now feel that it deserves a new one. Pardon the double post........but let's hear about it.


The "hurried-er we are, the behind-er we get......."

"1 steps forward, 2 steps back".

Are we really going to get anywhere with this or is another mass shooting just around the corner........?

I'm starting to lose faith in the belief that the U.S. will solve this issue.

The icing on the cake for me lately is that the town of Nelson in Georgia has legislated that everyone must own a gun to fulfill their second amendment right and duty!!!!!!!!!!

....and "others may follow suit".

NRA's idea is to arm everyone.

WTF is this world coming to? --- (another rhetorical question).

..........feel free to add your own cynicism ....... and if there are any positive answers I'd like to hear them too. I don't see much 'positive' in what's going on today.


Good morning Colin,

I never understood it myself, the need for a firearm. But then again I don't hunt. But then again there is no need to hunt either, really, it is a sport that we do as some enjoy being outdoors. But it is a throwback to days when you didn't have a grocery store around the corner to buy your meat at.

Do Americans really think that their government, who control the military after all, and if they decided to impose martial law on their citizens, could be defeated by a bunch of rednecks with a few hunting rifles/assault rifles? Considering that, oh say, a helicopter gunship is protected up to 23 mm cannonfire, what do they really expect to do? Maybe they could give some grief to local police departments but trained military personel? I mean for these guys (soldiers) it is their profession, they're not just weekend warriers. I know whose side my money'd be on.

Farmers need guns to protect livestock? Maybe, perhaps. But that is a fraction of the 1% of the population that farm. People need guns because of the rash of home break-ins or car jackings that are overwhelming our towns and cities? I must have missed that news broadcast.

We don't need to worry about our governments controlling our lives if they were the only group that had guns. They already control our lives through laws and taxes and we all obey that faithfully.

Now really, if private citizens didn't own guns what do you really think would be the outcome? Chaos and anarchy? Get real!

And twisting the 2nd Amendment to get that definition!!!! Hilarious!

So flame, firebomb and pistol whip away at me boys!


Gun-free Garry in Grimshaw (plus with a Z06 that is faster than a speeding bullet what have I to fear!!)
We Canadians don't have the same gun culture as the US. Having a military background, I likely have a different view point then a lot of folks. I don't think the US has it right yet but given the choice I would rather be seen as an armed "hard" target then a "soft" target....again my military background has shaped my views on things.
I just don't know ,REALLY ,I don't .People are so damn polarized over here everything is phucked up .

I have strong personal reasons for not trusting the Govt and I'm seeing the worst
of it first hand .

I also believe that we will see some form of revolt in the near future and basically I'm the non violent pacifist .

The press in this country (US) is tainted and we never actually hear the truth .Our politicians are the best money can buy .I kinda understand why the NRA is fighting gun control .First the laws on the books now are not being enforced so we'll pass more laws .

The second amendment is not the only one that is being twisted by various sides .

The US use to be #1 on the freedom index but since 911 we're not even in the top ten .Canada has moved up into the top 5 .

I really don't know
you can write all the laws you want. But laws will not change attitudes. You cannot legislate stupidity. None one in any country needs to own an automatic weapon, flame thrower or armor piercing gun of any type. I'm with Garry; I really don't see a need for any guns.......
With that said, the criminal types will always have some sort of weapon....even though I have never heard of a drive by stabbing.. So instead of making a bunch of new laws, maybe the one on the books should be enforced.
There is just something about folks with yellow cars I just love...........

Fair points, perhaps. But really, any need for anything beyond a bolt action rifle eludes me. Most hunting seasons have bag limits so it is not as if you need to have the ability to mow down a herd of deer/elk/moose, one of them ought to do it. How much meat did you need anyway?? And civilian rifles should be limited to a bolt action where you are having to cock the gun to reload. If you miss and are reloading, well doesn't that give the animal a chance to get away? Isn't that was being "sporting" and a sportsman is all about anyway?

However, now, if your real intention is to mow down military personal, law enforcement staff or school children, then yes I can see why having the legal right to own a fully or semi-automatic with 30 round clips would be necessary...........

But sorry, still can't buy any of the "for" or "pro" arguments for this sort of weaponry yet............


I can't figure out why the Social Security Administration bought 200,000 rounds of high velocity hollow point ammunition .So far in the last two years federal agencies that really shouldn't require any guns have bought 2 million rounds .Whats up ?

I'm not a big gun totter ,I have a 22 rife single shot for mischievous creatures and large bears . I also live in the state that has the highest number of guns per person and no native Mainer has ever shot another native Mainer in years .Mostly Yankee's from down below coming here to do something stupid .I think the mentality here is killing someone is to permanent , beating someone with a club leaves memories .

Here we don't fear the State Police or even local police ,It's the Federal Govt .
i don't think we should delude ourselves about gun crime in canada. toronto has turned into a cess pool in recent years with some suburban areas becoming increasingly dangerous. i have friends that are business owners that must make deliveries to toronto schools and have a fear of doing so. some school janitors fear for their safety. the most recent shooting was in a large suburban mall on the weekend. it is becoming a regular occurance. we shouldn't kid ourselves that we don't have issues here that must be addressed.
You may be right. Lets look at the number of people killed in car accidents and the number of people killed by guns in year in North America.

How many of you have just decided to stop driving??

Being the victim of a gun crime I think is a pretty minute possibility compared to being in a car is a case of FEAR. Not to mention the thought that if you were to be the victim of a crime you'd be in a position to be access your least in Canada they're suppose to be under lock and key. So what is the theory of this benefit if you ar taken unawares in your home by a criminal? "Uh, could you give me a few minutes so I can get my guns out so we can shoot at one another?"

Personally I'd rather ask him if he needed help loading up my home electronics and valuables to get him on his way as soon as possible. That is why I have insurance.

Why make the assumption that he'll be unskilled in gun use and we'll all be the experts too that day?? I'd say it is a lot more likely that some gang-banger has been shooting at people and been shot at my people than the average citizen!

How many folks need 10 to 20 guns in the house and 1000 to 2000 rounds of ammunition??

That is the sign of something way beyond being ready to go duck hunting.

Could you imagine what would have happened at that mall if 20 to 30 unskilled Rambo wannabee's whipped out their Aug's and started pumping out rounds, even under guize of trying to stop a criminal?? How do you tell who is the crimnal in that situation anyway? Guy who has a gun could be, oh, say an undercover law officer or off-duty law officer?? You want to draw down on them and risk going to jail??

Perhaps, and maybe only perhaps, having these things in the house increases the chance of someone using them compared than having no arsenal in the house that accidents could happen around........?

Just a thought you know.


We have more than enough laws on the books to cover gun related crimes. What isn't in place is a legal system that works. The police go to great lengths to capture criminals and get all the evidence in order. Then the court system gives the low life's a little slap on the hands and lets them go. They have no fear. It would be nice if there were no guns, but that is a fairytale world. The first problem is the proliferation of illegal guns and these are NOT going away. The second is big government. If you trust big government and are willing to give all your guns to them, then you had better look into what happened in Germany and Russia. Their own governments killed millions. Do I trust our governments? Not at all. What was the old saying? Power corrupts and all power is all corrupting. I've been hunting since I was big enough to carry a gun and I have never had any notion of killing anyone. There have been a few that I would have liked to throttle, but then I would have to register my hands as lethal weapons. ;)
i don't think we should delude ourselves about gun crime in canada. toronto has turned into a cess pool in recent years with some suburban areas becoming increasingly dangerous. i have friends that are business owners that must make deliveries to toronto schools and have a fear of doing so. some school janitors fear for their safety. the most recent shooting was in a large suburban mall on the weekend. it is becoming a regular occurance. we shouldn't kid ourselves that we don't have issues here that must be addressed.
Thank you Doug I was going to ask how Canadian cities we're doing under Canadian gun laws.
Thank you Doug I was going to ask how Canadian cities we're doing under Canadian gun laws.

the canadian gun laws for the most part are effective steve. however a lot needs to be done to stem the flow of illegal weapons entering the country. getting guns out of the hands of gang members and drug trafficers is crucial. smaller cities and even rural areas are starting to be affected. every time the police make a drug raid there is always a cache of illegal weapons found. these weapons ARE illegal in this country yet somehow these lowlifes aquire them.
One more thing to consider. Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one thing in common... and it's not guns
Add to that the little slap on the hands when people are caught and it's not much wonder we have such a gun problem. Actually, you are a whole lot more apt to get killed driving your car than ever being shot and I don't see anyone panicking every time they go for a drive. Still, I worked with a guy who spent quite a few years as a police officer in downtown Toronto. He claimed that there were areas in Toronto as bad as anything south of the border. If the newspapers wouldn't do such a grand job of publicizing mass murders, then perhaps there wouldn't be so many. Nut cases read and eat this stuff up, each one trying to out do the last one and get his 15 minutes of infamy. They are not normal thinking people.
I think background checks and security for weapons in people's homes is a key part. You can get any weapon in Canada that you can get in the States. The difference is you need to have a restricted weapons license which are not all that easy to get and you must have a permit to transport them to a range everytime you want to fire them. The storage requirements in your home are also quite restrictive. Also the size of the magazine is limited in Canada as well (5 rounds I think).

In Canada we do not have the "I need a weapon for self defense" attitude that the Americans are raised with. The culture is very different with regards to weapons. This, in my opinion, is a huge part of the problem in the states. No one needs a small arsenal at home but everyone thinks they need to protect themselves.

Criminals in both countries have no regard for the law and can acquire whatever weapon they want because someone is always looking for a way to make a buck. Restrictions, bans, new laws, etc will not change any of that.
I don't think we can really compare # of deaths by car to number of deaths by guns. I'm sure 99% of vehicular deaths are due to accidents,....and I'm not sure of the stats, but I'm sure 99% of firearm related deaths are not by accident. However, I could see comparing firearm deaths to vehicle deaths once people start driving their cars into large crowds of people.
In some respects I guess it doesn't matter .Other than a few minor minor changes you won't see any changes at least for the next 50 years .There is no gun owner that will give up their guns .Go into any gun shop ,Hardware store or Wal Mart and you have to get on a waiting list for Ammo.
Luckily up until now, we as Canadians have had no real need to own guns.
Other than hunting or for use at gun clubs or shooting rodents on your rural property.
I have no problem with hunting or hunters, just never been exposed to it myself.
We don't have the fear that the other guy has a gun so I need to own Two bigger guns to protect myself from him.

With all of the gang violence in recent years, our views might change.
I just keep moving to smaller towns. They Seem to be safer.

I just spent ten days in Germany with 9 of my US. work colleagues.
Most of the US. guys, (especially from the southern US), were shocked that I left my wife at home with no Gun.
It was almost as if I were irresponsible and did not love or care about my wife.

We had some pretty interesting conversations on gun control. There seems to be a big fear of Obama taking away their rights. Some of these guys have more guns and ammo than the entire Canadian army. They are in a major stock piling mode.

Just Glad to be a Canadian, where we don't need guns. Yet :canada:
Yeah -- up to now a totally different mindset -- sure hope it never comes to having to have a gun....and stashing a case or 2 of ammo...:rolleyes::rolleyes:

I too would move b4 that but really don't want to....:(

I saw a recent incident on the news about another shooting at a school -- this time in Quebec.....No kids hurt but deaths and close to a school/daycare:

Quebec Daycare Shooting: Two Men Dead At Gatineau, Canada School, Children Unharmed

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