some strange things going on at my comp -- only on this site.

Anyone else having issues?

Might be Rogers internet having a bad day.

My screen keeps jumping up and down, and I can't add smileys. and I can't pm from a drop down box from a person's screen name.......




--The sponsor's banner keeps coming and going (at the top) causing he screen to jump up and down an inch or so.

--More strangeness: I go into my profile and there's no usual menu for Statistics , contact etc. -- tho I can go into my messages and send that way.
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just thought of something.........:D

ah fuddle duddle --------went into Tools and Clear Recent History and cleared all that crapola and voila! it's working again.......:D:swear::agree::coolgleam::canada: :confused: :rofl::seeya::);

see? :D

It doesn't explain why I could go elsewhere and get normal operations..WTF.

Oh well -- lesson learned: Clear your cookies and recent history occasionally.....


Gee - glad I didn't break it. :rofl:
I've had a problem getting into my car about every three months and I have to do the trunk deal and finally get into the car .I place the Fob in the glove box to re-program and all is fine for about three months .Even though there is enough charge for the car to start it maybe i've let the car set to long between drives or tender connected .For long term I disconnect the battery ,shorter time I hook up the tender .BUT like all things sometimes I just forget , lazy ,busy etc than I pay the price later :D

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