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Mar 5, 2011
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I needed to have a wheel monitor replaced , so I ordered 1 from Scott Drumond Chev in Campbellford where I had bought a 2012 Cruze in May.
I had had them look for a used Vette for me but with no luck.
I found my 08 vert at Courtesy in Toronto (that is a joke in itself as you have read already). See "Dealer to avoid" post
Drummond's salesman was told by the service manager that the part was in for my car.
Guess what, the salesman Dana Johnson, showed up at my door on Thursday to drive it to the dealer and service it for me, along with programming the key fob that did not work.Thanks to you know who!
It saved me a 60 mile round trip and 4 hours.
And when I turn the car on it says (NICE RIDE DAN) nice touch.
The only thing that concerned my wife was that he told her he would return the car when the weather got cold.
Good to hear of the happy experience.
Doubtless there are good dealers and experienced 'vette mechanics out there; I think our
joint frustration is that its difficult to find out who and where they are ! As an aside :
This is why, in my opinion, Manny has been and continues to be successful.
Your 'vette is looked after properly the first time by folks who have the knowledge.

Anyway, glad you had a happy ending.

Tony, welland
I am going to see Manny and get the 6 speed auto done.
This situation with Courtesy is LONG from done, as GM customer sevice agrees with me .
I also have the # of the office of the pres of GM Canada.
Promoting Good Service

We the customers need to do more to promote good business who deliver the goods. It's something that I have always done. Smart businesses realize that at least 75% of their business comes from referrals and repeats whether it be GM or the corner hardware store. It all works out about the same. If you are well established and are not around the 75% mark, you may just be doing something wrong. I always like stories with happy endings. :D
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