One of the 20 original 1967 L-88 Corvettes has 12 miles on it.

When it was discovered in the mid-1970s, it had 11 miles on it. Last time it sold, it went for $660,000, quite a few years ago.

I'll show you the story in another thread some day soon to help pass the winter. But, what a waste.
Bob and I are of like minds. Cars were made to be driven, especially the high hp versions. There are an awful lot of nice, warm, dry days in the year when you can drive your car without fear of getting wet or muddy. When we had them we put close to 200K miles on the COPO Chevelle and the L78 car that we bought in '97 got an additional 37K miles put on it. In one year I put about 42K miles on the '68 Ram Air Firebird that I had back then. These cars were meant to be enjoyed. I've always said, that If we couldn't drive them, they would be down the road. I can't even imagine having a car just to let it sit.
I agree, cars were made to be driven but it is really nice to see one survivor that is still brand new to see what they looked like right out of the show room. I really like survivor cars, even when they're faded and not in pristine condition. I don't like it when a rich goober, who's into cars for investment finds a survivor car and then does a nut and bolt restoration. To me they just took all the value and history out of the car. If you're going to nut and bolt something, do it to a car that needs it.
cars are essentially machines and like any machine with moving parts need usage and thus regular maintenance. that is far more preferable than leaving them sit and much more enjoyable. let's face it they are manufactured in the first place to be driven. i never did get the whole garage/trailer queen thing.
When I first got my C5 I was also determined to keep the mileage low, then I realized that the 'vettes "best-by-date" might outlast my "best-by-date".

gives one an entirely new look on life.
Your philosophy is correct and it's a totally different era .Corvettes are not holding their value like they use to :to many have now been produced,less disposable income and an older generation.

I just love the the color of the 67 ,always loved white .I just wonder where it will end up .
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