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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
2006 vert, 1994 vert
Back at home and ready to rock and roll -- Steve McEwan of Finishline went the extra for me and did a perfect job on my 'vette's new rear fender.
Weather conditions and poor part supply caused a few issues but Steve persevered and got thru a tough one for me -- and I can't thank him enough.

Come see the job Steve did -- we're probably meeting this coming Saturday at Mud street and Centennial -- weather looks doubtful for Thursday/Friday so Tony and I went for Saturday this week... Watch for the thread to confirm.

A few pics of Steve finishing up and buttoning up b4 my ride home..and of a few others in and around the shop for mods and service.

I can't say enough for Steve -- he's a great guy who won't let it go unless it's perfect........ There were 5 others in for painting and similar jobs and none but mine gave him 'the gears' -- Steve stuck with it and got it done perfectly for me-- Thanks Steve.:D


Will be nice to meet up again Wayne -- I'm feeling more adventurous all the time now -----

Watch our 519 forum for info on either Friday or most likely Saturday morning at our regular time.


good news colin, nice to have the ride back in top form eh !!! i was wondering though, after seeing the background in some of the pics......are you converting to e85 ??? :rofl:

LOL you'd think so wouldn't you Doug --- no but Manny's and Steve's place is out in the boonies -- quite a nice country setting really -- you'll have to visit sometime -- you'd be impressed with the ambiance and the Vette scene there.

In the meantime no e85 for me-- the nearest I come to that is a squirt of straight Methanol to kick the supercharger up a notch or 2 :D

Some silly billy backed it into his wife's truck and scuffed the back fender a tad.:D

It's all better.....and no more truck to back into either......:D


Oh yeah thats right, I forgot about bad

Well she looks brand spanking new now :coolgleam:
Yeah at least as good as -- It was only vanity that made me get it fixed -- it wasn't much.

She is lookin' good tho Peter -- I hope to show her to you some time soon.

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