Dec 19, 2013
victoria bc
2014 C7 Z51
My little yellow Z51 just passed thru Winnipeg --- should be in Victoria
in a week or so.
Skating thru all the "restrictions" took a bit of extra time but it's got
all the options I wanted incl. the carbon dash. :canada::D
Exciting news. Congratulations and post some shots when you get.

Winnipeg to Victoria. Five, six weeks at the tops. Just kidding it could be longer. :rofl:

You must be getting wired up about it now, I know I would be.

Have fun with it. :canada:
Congrats! Yellow was my 2nd color choice. It's a great color with the black accents and the carbon dash. You'll be zipping around in no time! Get ready for lots of stares. Gonna hafta post lots of pics when it arrives.
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