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Sep 1, 2010
Mississauga, ON
2000 C5 Coupe
hought my fellow Vette enthusiasts would enjoy this!

As a little background, I rarely drive my Vette to work as our corporate offices are in a multi ice rink complex (customers with hockey sticks, skates and bags around my car … no thank you)! :nono: It’s only on the rare occasion when there’s no activity on the ice pads that I’ll drive it in. Today was that day. (I even got in really early to ensure I secured a primo spot). Knowing how passionate and particular I am about my ride, my graphic designer thought he would be a funny man and send me an urgent email stating “Hey Paul: You better get outside quick. I think I saw your car in the lot this morning and just wanted to let you know that the city is doing some work by it.” Along with this pic, which he did a little Photoshop magic, (notice the bird crap on the window).

This will undoubtedly come up during his performance review! :mad:
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Good eye. You got it bro. I work for Canlan. Uh oh, are you one of the players in the rec league we've had to ban for too many penalty minutes!?!? If so, please don't hurt my Vette. LOL. :D

Haha no, I went to York for school, so I'm familiar with the area. I used to go there during my long breaks between classes to skate. Also I used to play in a friday night beer league.

So uh....any chance you can hook a fellow vette owner up with some cheap ice time? ;) haha
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