What would be a good code reader to buy for our 2005 Corvette? Thanks.

Hey Keith, my Innova Equus 3110 hasn't let me down -- It's quite comprehensive and can be had on sale for about $100. (CTC, PartSource).

Check it out at: Equus - Home - Diagnostics Made Easy



Thanks guys. I'll be getting one of these units. With all this computerized stuff, it is like walking blindfolded. With the old Chevelles, I could pull a distributor, work on it and have the car back running in no time. Same with the carbs. With these cars, you are running absolutely blind and are at the mercy of everyone in the repair field. I'll be looking at scanners shortly.
Yes a very handy instrument. As well as all the obvious benefits of knowing what caused the CEL, if you get a pesky CEL simply by leaving the gas cap off by accident, with a code reader one can easily clear the CEL instead of having to wait so many cycles for it to clear itself.
I've heard of stealerships charging $100 for this. If you happen to be unlucky to get nailed with such a charge, the unit you buy pays for itself right there.

A good investment for sure.

Yeah, the days of tuning, timing and plug changes are almost gone

Innova Equus 3100

Canadian Tire has the Innova Equus 3100 CanOBD2 diagnostic tool on sale, so I picked one up. I think it will do what I need and even gives an emissions system status. Thanks for the help.
I have the same one. I bought mine over 2 years ago and it's been handy. Even if I don't need it, my buddies at work have borrowed it to clear codes or even to see what code their car's throwing. You'll like it.
I hooked up the new OBD2 scanner today and it worked like a charm. No error codes came up. It sure simplifies things and I can have an idea of what is wrong before taking the car to a garage. One GM dealer already tried to BS me on programming the valve stems to the computer. Bought the unit and, just like on Youtube, it's a two minute job. Even I can do it. It's that simple. Now, I can help out my Corvette buddies.
I'm glad its working for you.. I want you to keep that 05 in nice condition!! I like owning any of your cars... regarding the sensors in the car rims... I added replica Z06 chrome wheels to my Y2K, and after a day.. it reset them by itself... smart car that C5
We had bought a set of polished rims and tires from a 2006 and having only 11K miles on them. I put them on the car and whenever we went for a longer drive, error codes started to show up. I had the problem explained to me. I took the old rims and tires off the car and had them in the garage beside the car. When I started the car, it was reading those valve stem transmitters rather than the ones on the car. I bought a KTI unit for programming the computer to the valve stem transmitters. Once programmed, no more problem. We were doing a lot of highway driving the last two days. No error codes and the gas mileage worked out to 34.97 mpg. That's with calculating my own miles from the odometer and litres at the gas pump. What's not to like. :D Don't worry Carl, I'll keep it nice for you. Barry stopped in with the Lemans on his way back to Fredericton and that car looks better than when we sold it to Steve. He averaged 20-21 mpg on the way back home. Pretty good for a 455 in a heavy car.
your corvette only gets 34.97 mpg? wow! ever try it driving at more than 50 mph lol

The Lemans was running 62 mph, reading 70 on the speedo.. He said he drove 60-65 so he was driving 52- 58 thats why the good mileage My Corvette uses 50.00 in gas per month must be 75 mpg lol
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