My non-insider opinion is that since President Obama has no more elections to face, a reversal of one of his accomplishments ain't gonna be allowed to happen.

If the bankruptcy judge reverses his earlier ruling and (in theory at least) throws GM back into bankruptcy, much higher judges will ride to the rescue quickly, or the Pres. will invoke Executive Privilege and throw more truckloads of money at GM.

GM is not going away...........unless and until America goes away.......and that's not entirely impossible. Have you seen what $16 Trillion of debt looks like?

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I've heard of anything from one to ten years before the American dollar crashes. Some countries are already dealing back and forth in their own currencies buying and selling oil. When China decides to cut their losses with the American dollar and runs, the crash will come. It's like a big black hole and we will all be sucked in when the crash hits. The more you look at the stock market, world economies and everything else, they are ALL nothing more than convoluted Ponzi schemes that eventually crash. It's worrisome, but there is little that people like us can really do.
in this country we could ask the prime minisiter to quit pulling his pants down for the chinese gov't. witness the latest example with the oil. it doesn't take kreskin to foresee what's gonna happen down the road. :swear:
The quicker Canada builds trading relationships to the East and to the West, rather than so overwhelmingly to the South, the better our chances will be to survive the coming madness.

That's all we need.......a bunch of armed-to-the-teeth-rednecks looking for food and water.......and looking North.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have nothing on hungry Americans looking North into Canada.

Mind you, prices in the American stores will drop even further. :D
Bailout on the Brink
Judge Set to Rule on Case that Could Reverse Auto Bailout

GM, Judge Robert Gerber

BY: Bill McMorris
December 6, 2012 3:03 pm

See Link Here: NY judge ruling soon on shady aspects of GM bailout | Washington Free Beacon

Sorry for just putting the link up Carl. The forum to the south of us was sued when a member cut and paste an article into a post. As I want this forum to keep going, I just found and pasted the link. I doubt they would sue us but what happened to Corvette Forum makes me a bit gun shy. Lame, I know, but I don't want America coming to be to help with the bailout.:D

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Yep! Links are totally cool. And seriously, as mentioned by 67, the people that did the suing are sue crazy and I doubt the forum would get in trouble, but there are crazy people out there!
GM really needs a shakeup at the salesman/dealership level. I've heard the same stories over and over and have experienced it myself where the salesman just wants to make a sale, any sale and get you out the door. I get treated better looking to buy a $150 pair of shoes than buying a $30K+ vehicle. It's at this level where customers engage GM and if that isn't pleasant then no matter how good the vehicle is, the customer already has a bad taste in his mouth. I know retail is no picnic and customers can be a piece of cake too but how hard is it to smile and be nice?
The last vehicle we bought was through Rob Nicholas who now works for the GM dealer in Cobourg. He is pleasant and sells you what you want and pushes nothing on you in the up sell side. The vehicle we bought is almost eight years old and every year he still calls Dale on her birthday to see how things are going. Lo and behold, he gets top sales awards. Can't the rest of them figure that out? I guess not.
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