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Jul 21, 2012
Clinton Ontario Canada
GM Historical Vehicle options request - superseded by Heritage Request $$ 2013
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The normal procedure for getting Canadian sold GM info "was" called REQUEST FOR VEHICLE OPTION INFORMATION and priced at $73.45

last year or so you could have that request "upgraded" to a Heritage certificate priced at $ 118.65.......

Today April 15, I was notified, that ALL inquiries will be REQUEST FOR VEHICLE HERITAGE CERTIFICATE.....(ONLY)

Now before every one starts commentating (whinning) I must "reinforce the invaluable service" provided to us.....

Millions of U.S. car owners would pay "anything" for such a valuable service...

My "public internet complaint" is that the Heritage Certificate is the "same as usual" with a "stamp" affixed to it....

I got one last year, and paid the $118.65, and when the package arrived I was Very Disappointed...

The $45.20 STAMP was so small I cound't find it at first If held up to the light, you can see it

The stamp is for unauthorized duplication I photcopied mine, as I store the original, and it disappears...

So my REQUEST is.... for $45.20 GET A BIGGER, BRIGHTER, STAMP or a Different Letterhead

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