I can't get it to complete the download!!! Ahhh!

One interesting tidbid of information....that I am not sure if it is correct is that the 2000 LS1 has a different cam than any other LS1. That is why it picks up 10hp with an LS6 intake swap when the 2001-2004 LS1's only picked up 5hp. (Actually, I heard it picks up more like 14hp)???

Can someone confirm my "internet researched and non-verified but I believe it because I have a 2000" information?
Got in! It says that the active remote keyless entry is standard and replaces the passive keyless entry and is standard on all models but I don't know what this means? I still have to hit the button to unlock the doors. Is this correct?
You guys need a faster internet provider! :rofl: Or computer. I'm not having any of those issues.

That might have been a possibility... except... I can get ones such as '84 Camaro, 2007 Uplander, Cobalt etc. I just can't get the '87 Corvette (or the '88 for that matter)

I just tried the '87 Corvette again along with Uplander. No '87 :mad:
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