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Dec 27, 2009
1989 FX3 Z51 Coupe
Hey guys and gals... Wondering if anybody can remember having seen or heard of this car.
Early in 1954, GM at Oshawa grabbed a used or leftover 1954 Vette from a dealership somewhere in Ontario. They stripped the trim off it and dropped a 265 small block in it and installed a 4 speed truck transmission. They painted number 14 on it's door. It was trailered throughout the US and Canada. It was a feature car at racetracks to be used as a pace car, transport officials, radio station promotions and other high visibility events. The car never actually raced. It's first official event was the 1957 Daytona 500 followed by a dozen or so big name tracks over the next two years. It's last event was at British Columbia's Westwood Motorsport Park in 1959. However, in 1960 or '61, a radio announcer stuffed the car in the alders during an off-track excursion and severely damaged the right front suspension, but worse, the car caught fire. What was left was hauled off to the "Bone Yard" on the grounds of the Oshawa plant. in 1982, the Environment Canada got on everyones case to clean up their junkyards and fluid filled abandoned cars. GM wasn't spared. Old #14 was pulled from the bushes and sold with a GM bill of sale. The frame was completely rotted away, drivetrain was gone, suspension parts as was the top and the interior. What was left was 26 assorted body parts (the right side had gone up in flames) and the windshield frame. Most importantly though, of the 26 body panels recovered was the firewall baring the VIN tag, showing serial #E54S003189.
A friend of mine, Rick, became the new owner of the #14 Corvette, or what was left of it. A talented car builder, Rick stored the parts in his garage for twenty years until his attention was turned to the old Vette. A friend in Chicago took the body parts and placed them in a mold and was resprayed with fiberglass. 80% of the body had been recovered. This was attached to a new streetrod floorpan which was then mounted to an "Art Morrison" C1 competition chassis. Heady stuff!
The project was shipped back to Moncton and three years work ensued restoring the car. NOS and reproduction parts were sourced at great expense, the NOS "Wire Basket" (I call them fencing masks) headlight covers cost Rick a grand each! A 350cid GM crate motor was installed along with a new T5 five-speed manual with HD clutch and pressure plate followed close behind by a Ford 9" posi rear end. All this gear was brought to a halt with 4 wheel disk brakes mounted behind American Racing aluminum wheels. The interior sports VDO gauges, IDidit column and LaCarrera leather wrapped steering wheel. The seats are from ProCar and are adorned by a set of 4 point competition belts. This Vette also has a very rare "Scottop" removable vintage hardtop.
How bad would you want to this reborn mystery Corvette to a track and wring it out. I say mystery because both Rick and I have scoured the internet for more information or period photos.... nothing. Anybody out there know anything more?


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