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Oct 30, 2013
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These cars on display are all "one of one" however the pictures I took of the information boards did not turn out so well. I can't give you a lot of detail. The 63 split window car was a engineering drivetrain mule. The green 58 was designed by an all woman engineering group within GM.

Some really nice cars in the museum. Jim Gilmore was a long time sponsor of AJ Foyt and I was hoping to see more race cars but there was only one Indy car of Foyt and I think it was just a display only car. Lots of beautiful antique cars, well worth a visit.

Well OK not a Corvette but a nice ride in any case
Great post! Cool to hear you enjoyed it. I almost went there last Monday as I'm only about an hour and a half away from there. The local team that I'm working with keep telling me to go and that it's worth the drive. They even printed out directions! They have a Halloween theme coming up in a few weeks which would be pretty cool. I'm hoping to make it tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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LSXtasy, well worth the visit. Some just incredible automobiles on display. I would go back again and plan a little more time to look, I know I did not see it all.

If you go I hope you enjoy the trip and the museum.
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