Dec 26, 2009
Ponoka, AB.
2014 C7 3LT Z51
Whow I'm impressed! Recently I purchased a GHL exhaust system from another forum member here (Ogopogo). I was fortunate to meet him and his wife at Salmon Arm, BC. The GHL's were exactly as he said basically brand new, thank you so much Larry. Anyway I bolted them on tonight the fit was perfect. OK time to fire them up.........whow what a deep mellow sound. So I let the car warm up and now its time to hit the street........these things have such a low rumble when taking it easy...........look out when you put your foot into it a bit.........these GHL's have transformed my car from a pussy cat to a roaring lion!! I love it. So I take it out on the hiway and run it up to 110-140klm and absolutely no drone whatsoever at these speeds sounds the same as my stock exhaust until you drop a gear and punch it. Ok so there is some pop and gurgle but far less than what I was expecting as I'm not running an H or X pipe. I actually don't at all mind it as its very subtle. Will run it this way for a while before deciding to add anything more. Performance wise, I'm sure the front wheels are now getting air!! LOL (ya I'm pumped) Actually it feels to me there is a slight increase in is coming on quicker. Anyway I did a fair bit of research on the GHL's and I'm sure glad I went with them.
I've heard nothing but great things about GHL's. If I didn't have Borla's I think that is the one I would have gone with. Glad to hear you are loving the new tunes!!! Post up a video if you have time in our exhaust thread! I've never heard the GHL's in person and hope to someday....maybe if I make it out to Alberta one of these days!
I hope your little Vette Spotter you had with you has approved of the sound. If not he might not ride with you and you'll end up waving at Vipers and other strange things.

Glad you enjoy the sound and I would be disappointed if they didn't have the gurgle and pop.
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