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Dec 16, 2012
2002 Z06
Garry's C6 Z06-back on the dyno-744 rwhp!

Had Garry's Z06 back on the dyno-we added a new A&A FD and Bosch Motorsports 1000cc injectors and were rewarded with these numbers.
Not bad for a A&A Si-trim 3.4" pulley.

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When you considered that in the musclecar era very few made 400 hp and next to none made five hundred despite what people thought. 744 hp, manners, and street reliable too......incredible. This is RWHP too. :)
Good Lord!!!!! That will be a hard act to follow.........

Garry! good news!

LOL, I can see Garry comin' next week for a visit..:D

Great job Arun (and the guys) .....kudos.

Good morning everyone,

Glad to hear that you're on two feet again Arun.

Wow. It is finally over! As with anything I'd hoped for more and I'll be more than happy with this!

It is a case, I suppose of where it was (448 rwhp) and where it ended up (744 rwhp) so a 300 rwhp gain is going to make for a whole different driving expereince.

My hats off to everybody in the shop for their hard work and efforts and to Manny for his guidance through the project.

Arun, is it possible to create an Excel spreadsheet in 100 rpm increments between the before and after dyno runs to see when the rwhp is coming on and how fast???

Now I need to quit shaking!!


now you need to take yourself to an advanced driving school.....pronto !!

Those are serious numbers; one could get into trouble real quick. [g].


[ following the old adage....before you modify the modify the driver.]
now you need to take yourself to an advanced driving school.....pronto !!

Those are serious numbers; one could get into trouble real quick. [g].


[ following the old adage....before you modify the modify the driver.]

Sage advice, Tony -- We could all brush up on our skills occasionally but especially with such a ride that demands that much respect.

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What kind of a street tire do you put on a car like this. Spinning at will won't win races although, I guess it impresses some. The car had better have a reinforced seat back. ;) The cars that I have owned would be lucky to have half that power and they were a ball. I can only imagine this one.
Crazy numbers! You have to be completely satisfied with that. Not too much is going to stand in your way. I do think that some advanced driving coarses would be money well spent especially with the amount of HP you have on tap. Great job Arun, Manny and crew on another fantastic build.:beer:

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Good afternoon everyone,

Just back from a nice walk along the dike in Peace River. Colder out today but only -10. Met a group of school kids out exercising for gym (one girl even wearing shorts - WTF!) and two of them high 5'ed me on my way by which struck me as funny.

Yes, you are all correct in that this is a real boost in power and I have watched more than a few people in Z06's, stock and otherwise, who end up getting out of control. I am lucky in that at least with the stock car, not feeling the need to be deep into the throttle all the time. I remember and I think I mentioned here that once I was puttering along the river road in PR and had the window down and met this kid on a bike and he yelled to me something like "why don't you drive that car like a man". I remember thinking to myself that a man doesn't need to be showing off with all that power all the time. A man is confident that he has the power under his right foot but that he knows when and where to exercise it. I hope that this will still be the case with my experience with this car. It is not about doing burnoffs at every stoplight but about knowing that you could destroy a set of tires in 30 minutes if you wanted to.

As for tires we're going to finish the ones that are currently on it when I come down and then Manny has acquired a new set of Nitto's, rear ones 10 mm wider than stock. Probably not too practical to drive around on a set of DR's.......!

It is sinking in more now what they have actually done to the car and looking at the other cars that are out there (stock anyway) ZR1's, GT-R, most exotics, LZ1 etc. will not be challenge for this car.

Not that cancer was fun but let there be no doubt that I'd never have done something like this in my life otherwise..............

Let me know when the weather allows for driving, I'd like to get Manny to take it for a rip to see it in action!

Arun, will you be posting a dyno run video clip?????



First off my apologies for spelling your name wrong.

Andrew took some video-I will see if he can upload it to youtube.

I'm sure we can figure out how to put these numbers into an excel spreadsheet so we can see the horsepower torque difference at each rpm point.

Good evening Arun,

Hey no worries on my name, you don't hear the 2nd r so it is impossible to tell. I've seen the usual Gary, Garry and even once a Garrie and I generally respond to all of them.

You must get it more often than I do since I didn't know when I was talking with Manny that yours was "A-run" and I went with an "A-ruin" instead!!!!

Thanks for posting the video - the car sounds bloody amazing! What a great roar! Remember all that stuff I said earlier about self control?? Oh baby is that theory going to get put to the test let me tell ya!

What a wonderful job you guys have done to turn this car into something truely special for me. Just think, I'll be able to go to car events from now on with probably the only Dasilva tuned car there. Now that is something really special..............


Wow that car sounds real stout, Garry ...... just amazing.

When you come to visit there will be a few Dasilva supercharged 'vettes there :D but probably not many as stout as yours......

That's gonna be one fine ride........

I am so proud of everyone at Dasilva Motorsports .

It is truely a team effort at Dasilva , we are setting the bar .

Congrats to all , most of all to Garry .

Garry you are getting of heck of a car , built with all the love and care that can only come from true car guys .

Manny Dasilva
In Curacao :)
:agree: Congrats to Manny and the team at Dasilva and congrats to Garry on one fine Z06! :coolgleam:
Whow just read this thread........some amazing numbers there! What an awesome build by some true car guys. Garry think I would be investing in a 24 pack of DEPENDS!! Congrats man your gonna love it!
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