Black 03 Z06

Black 03 Z06

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Oct 30, 2013
Haliburton, Ontario
2003 Z06
A couple of years ago I took the Corvette to Oswego, New York to watch the Supermodifieds race at Oswego Speedway. When I got to the Ivy Lea Bridge the backup at US Customs was very long. I waited about 45 minutes before my turn to be "interrogated".

Handed over my passport, the Agent asked a few questions then stepped out of the booth with the dreaded Orange Cone which he placed behind the car. The problem is of course if you are in that line behind you are trapped until they release the car. I was expecting the worst.

The guy calls over another Agent and then says, "I told you it was on 03". They then proceeded to ask all sorts of questions about the car, asked to see the motor and trunk. Twenty minutes later they let me go. No problem except for the poor people stuck behind. I figured the best thing to do was to put some distance between us because I bet some of them were really PO'ed!! It really was quite funny but they really were interested in the car, the one Agent was looking to buy one. :canada:
Did you know the Super's are going to be at Sunset speedway in Stroud in August this year, with the Can Am midgets ?.
They were there last year and set a track record of sub 12 seconds
TQ but for a wedding I would have been at Sunset. I am not keen on Delaware but do plan on getting to Sunset in 2014. I usually make it to Oswego five or six times a year, bit of a long haul from Haliburton but worth every minute of it. They are talking of an Open Competition" show somewhere in Ohio this year with pavement sprints and supers and I would make that trip in a heartbeat. Saw a similar race years go at Winchester, what a race.

Really miss the Niagara Falls TQ indoor races. Some of the best entertainment ever in my book. But I miss the CNE too!!

I take it you are a racer or an ex racer?
When I bought my car out of Vegas the serial number was wrong on the title. Very, VERY long story short, it took me 8 weeks to get my car. When I was crossing the boarder, the Agent asked why I had two titles and I showed him all the documents. He said okay, and went out to see the car. When he came back, he said one of the "y" on the vin plate was supposed to be an "x". I pretended to be concerned as I knew both matched up. He said he was just kidding and to have a great day! It was funny to see an Agent with a sense of humor.....but I am so glad all that is behind me.
My son had the "say no to drugs" sponsered tq for many years.
Dave McKnight is a good friend and built our TQ.. It is a smaller version of his Brad Lickey's # 84 super built at Brads shop in Iinnerkip Ont. .He won the indoors for us years ago.I helped out in the center , that explains my hearing loss I guess.
My son owns the 12, 20 and now the 99 midgets.
We have been in the club since 1989 and won our first feature at the EX the first day back of racing in 25 years..I went to the EX as a boy to see the supers as I lived at Queen and Spadina.
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