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Sep 21, 2010
1998 TA
Hey guys.

These rims were bought in April 2010, I walked to work so car rarely drove, MAYBE 5000km with them on the car. I bought them brand new for $1400.00. I have to remove my sportlines and install OEM springs to have car fit into my underground parking garage at apartment I just moved into. IMO the Z06 rims will look odd without car being slammed.

I am looking to buy some Torq Thrust M's to replace these.

I would like $1200.00 OBO for Rims alone, NO marks, sticky weights used, these are A1)

If wanted tires/rims Id like $2000.00 OBO.

Or trade for mine Torq Thurst M's in gray to fit 4th gen fbody.

Email is key - [email protected]

Link :

4 17x9 C5 Z06 Rims in Chrome (Used maybe 5000km) - City of Toronto Tires, Rims For Sale - Kijiji City of Toronto Canada.
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