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Polar Jet

Polar Jet

Dec 2, 2009
2008 JSB Coupe
Fielding reasonable offers for a Dasilva Motorsports installed ECS SC1500 supercharger and related parts, including a Dashtronix Gauge Projector unit which displays AFR and boost data in the HUD. Does not include upgraded rad or fuel pump.

I've had it on my car (08 LS3) for one year and have placed just over 5,000km on it.

If interested, PM your best offer.

Are you upgrading to a larger unit? From what I've heard this is a nice streetable set up. It would look at home in my C5Z06. Too bad it's just not in the budget this year. Good luck with the sale!:cool:

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Cool unit. I haven't the foggiest what a fair price would be. Since I'm in an LS2 anyways, I wouldn't be as interested,but someone has a chance to boost power for a reasonable pride here!
Still up for grabs. Best offer is $3,200 so far. Need a bit more than that to make taking it off worth my while.
Ledfoot it looks like Polar Jet has not been on here in quite some time. Click on his avatar and you can link to send him an email or PM, you might have better results.

Good luck.
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