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Apr 9, 2010
2003 z06
For those of you that want 4 seats with the vette power, this is it. Apart from a 3600lb gto I guess, or the 3700lb caddy, both of which are very $$ in comparison...It needs a little bit of work, but it has been inspected by western corvette in calgary, and I have been slowly taking care of the "to do" list, so someone could fly in and drive. I got a smoking deal on a trackworthy z06, so there is no need to convert such a mint street example of the 944.

Vehicle Details
Year : 1988
Make and Model : Porsche 944S
Exterior Color : Red
Interior Color : Black
Auto or Manual? : manual
Odometer Reading : 190kilometers (115k miles)
Location of Vehicle : calgary
Description :

Renegade hybrids conversion kit on a stock 88 944S. The car runs and drives fine. It needs a couple of things to be a solid driver.

This car is too nice to be a road racer. It is basically 100% stock Porsche items (944S with 944 turbo tranny) with a vette engine and clutch.

A 4 seater corvette for 1/2 the price.

things it needs (parts on order), I took it into western corvette when I bought it, and I will provide the inspection report, and an update of that stuff done (depending on when you buy it, as I am upgrading as we speak):
rear axle (recv'd, ready to install)
pw switch replace
intake is sweating oil
header leak on right side (bolts loose or clamp sucks or something)

Car has been running and driving for a few thousand miles.

Weighs almost stock, 2750lbs. I will be weighing it shortly to get some #'s.

Has been run at the track a few times with limited traction, ran over 100mph, traction limited, but not clutch dumped.

Please note, this is a LT1 conversion, but you get the basic idea:
944 LS Series
pics at:
Picasa Web Albums - 944SV8

$2000 Kit
$3000 Engine rebuilt & Balanced - D&W Calgary. 1.6 solid rockers and mostly stock.
$1000 all little parts for conversion (GM accessories, etc)
$0.00 Installation around 100 hours.
$750 headers
$250 stock gauges work
$400 upgraded clutch
$250 upgraded flywheel
$750 944 turbo transmission
$400 new not reman axles
$200 new brakes (pads/rotors)

750 turbo front end (not installed, goes with car, includes almost everything),
750 forged sport cup turbo S rims and tires.
100 manual power steering rack
All the original stuff that was removed - windsheild fluid reservoir, rear seatbelts, etc.
TOTAL invested , 10,750 plus the cost of the car, plus labour.

Cash talks.

Asking Price : 12,000, drop 9,999, drop 9,500.

Pictures :





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