Nov 14, 2011
Jarvis Ontario
1988 Convertable
Fresh out of the sawdust factory: 51 Ford F-1 Pickup truck.

I have always loved the classic lines of the first generation F series trucks (48-52). This all wood, stand way off scale model recreates these lines well. This toy truck measures roughly 18 inches long, 7 inches wide and 7 inches high; putting it in around the one inch equals a foot scale. However as said before, this is not a true to scale model, but more of a stand way off scale; Looks real from twenty-five feet away. Although not perfect by any means, I made a lot of mistakes in this one; I think it turned out very good.

Plans: Like any of the plans I have built from Toy & Joys, plan 117 51 pick-up, did not disappoint me. One of the more difficult plans I have attempted from them. As is stated on the plan, some advanced wood working skills and machinery are necessary. I might also add a great deal of patience is also required.

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Outstanding Brian. I cannot imagine the skill and patience to build this replica.

Manny will be pleased I am sure. Maybe carve an LS motor on a skid for the bed.

I am impressed. Just noticed the plate, nice touch.
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I can't thank Brian enough for this most generous gift . very much looking forward to seeing it in person :D

Thanks again Brian
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