Hi Everyone,

I noticed the forum was down since last night. Not too sure the reason but I am trying to find out from our host what was the cause and how it can be avoided in the future.

Thanks and sorry for the frustration!

First time for me was Thursday after supper. Nothing at first but a hour later around 9PM Pacific it was normal. Yesterday it was down the whole day and this morning. Just worked for me now.
I felt like an 'experiment monkey' picking up a peanut and getting an electric shock! .. I kept trying to sign-in to the site and get disappointed.. but I would immediately try again and get disappointed.. then put my tablet down and head to the toy-room to the desk-computer and try to sign in there .. disappointed!! TWICE !
The whole time I tell myself that Riley is all over this...
But then I walk by the laptop and try there too!
I would go to my other hobby sites and they worked but would come back here and try again. THRICE !

thanx Riley You do an outstanding job of giving as a reason to get together.

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