I installed an A&A kit as well as a blower cam this winter..just waiting for the spring to tune/dyno the car.. after much research & a few test drives, I decided to go FI instead of NA...I'll let you know in a few weeks if made the right choice!!!

C5 or C6? What year?

Its a 2000 C5 , I did the install at his place just before Christmas :D

Now don't get me wrong here , I like F.I , just personally like N/A cars more . Its easy make power with F.I , I just don't like the idea of adding all that power with making the rest of the motor/drivetrain stronger . I see lots of posts on the problems / belts slipping , belt's coming off , fuel delivery problems. broken parts due to stress and so on . I can tell you this:
,not one of the N/A that was built at E.C.P has ever had any of these problems and many of them are on the track 10+ times each year.

Here are a few pictures and the write from last year :





...I picked up my car from ECP last week.... here's a list of upgrades:

1. I had Z06 springs added( already have Bilsteins and Z06 sway bars)
2. D & S rotors and Hawk pads all around..the rear calipers upgraded to the larger fronts and rear C6 Z51 rotors( calipers painted red of course!)
3. Tuned finally after getting the LS6 intake & LG headers installed last
year by ECP..

Wow what a difference... the accelleration is much better throughout the entire range, (even on the highway in 6th!)...car stops on a dime ( and lets not forget the bling factor!) and with the Z06 springs it handles like a different car...The Z06 sways and Bilstiens were an improvement over the base setup on their own, but now with the Z06 springs its awesome...I'm falling in love with it all over again...

Thanks for a great job Manny!! I'm already looking forward to my next set of mods....

Daniel has all the pictures from the blower and cam install, but just too lazy to post them up LOL

Blower start up on Daniels C5

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