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Jan 11, 2009
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Body Side Moldings? Who has them? Who has taken them off? Do you like the cars better with or without them? For non C5 owners as well, do you like the body side moldings on the C5? Would you keep them or toss them? Put up some pics!
I think if you take them off you need to add something else. It might look slightly "naked" if you just take them off. New wheels or something like that. :D
I think your face is naked. (you didn't see that one, did you)

I actually know what you mean, but wheels are about $80,000 out of my budget:D, so I've been kicking around the idea of more stripes. And, they better look darn good for me to put more stripes on my car because if I go that far and it looks like crap, I might as well put a giant ROXY across the rear glass as well.
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BSM-LESS.!!!! It's much faster this way:D

I have them on mine and I like the look. The couple dings on them attest to the fact that they will save your doors.
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looking at the 2 pic above, I'd say take em off. Looks sleak and fast without them. Although, then you'd have to be willing to get a ding in your door instead of the moulding.

I like the cars both ways. I may just take one off and leave the other.:D I really do like the protection offered by the BSM, but I would like to try the naked look as well. We'll see how it goes when spring arrives.
I think your going to have to make this decision for your self because there will be one guy who likes it and the next will not, I personally prefer them on.

But I would like to see yours with them off, obviously you want to take them off you have been talking about it for some time so I DARE YOU TO DO IT!!!:D

Why wait for spring. :D If something goes wrong or you don't like it you have lots of time to fix it.


Infact, look at other generations.... at least the C3 and C4 dont have them... nice clean look.
Good point Fernando, the C6 does not have them either, so, since it is rare that the C5 has them, I just may leave them on.:D As for taking them off, today may be good, but it can wait until the weather is nice and I can enjoy a beer at the same time.

And thank goodness it's still my choice, otherwise we would see gangs of C5 owners roaming the streets, looking for cars with BSMs and ripping them off. Then the rival gang from the other side of the city would be looking for C5's to put BSMs on and it would turn into an all out war!

Do you triple dog dare me Brent?
When I bought my car it had the moldings on them, but I hated them so much I got them removed the very next day! A friend of mine owned a detail shop at the time and with his help we removed them, but it took us about six hours! Getting the glue off the paint was the most time consuming part, as the molding itself only took a couple of minutes to remove but it left behind a thick glue residue. Once we got the paint all cleaned up, you couldn't see any evidence at all that they were there, no lines in the paint, nothing.
What did you use to remove the glue? I've heard of 3M Adhesive Remover and Goo Gone....six hours eh? That will be about 24 beers I reckon (with help). Ohh, and say I end up liking the bsms on the car, are they destroyed when you remove them?
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