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Oct 13, 2011
Ancaster, ON
2004 convertible
As endorsed by both Tony and Colin

when I get the time I'll find their honest and truthful reviews.


In the mean time.........

Rainy day so I put them on one seat, walked back into the rain to take a look and HELL, doesn't look right.
My seats are all red, these are black with a red insert, I knew that when I ordered, I just didn't take the time to "think".


Problem is they look great when viewed from the front but from the back they are black and I no longer have the "red seat look" from the rear of the car.

Am I being too fussy? Sorry that wasn't a question :) as I don't believe I am.

Anyway they would look great in a black interior so my error is your gain.

They were $229 US$, free delivery thanks to Corvette Central.

Going for $100
Will take an MCM hood in trade. (one lives in hope)

Here is the link at Corvette Central

If you have reached this point... most post, like my all read.

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Can't believe they have not sold yet, and at way less than half your original cost. Too bad that I bought the same ones from CC but months before you put yours up for sale.They are thick and a great material, and even the holes for the seat adjusters, which I didn't expect. Good luck wayne.
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