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Feb 6, 2009
Near Winnipeg
2001 coupe
I just finished flushing the coolant, now I have changed all fluids in the C5 (clutch fluid, brake fluid, M6 trans. fluid, rear diff. fluid, engine oil, and lastly the coolant). The only fluid that I didn't change was the windshield washer fluid (didn't see a procedure in the service manual for that :D ). I took pictures of the diff. fluid change if any one wants to see that process.

My neighbor was over for a drink while I was doing the coolant flush so I told him about all the fluid changes, he asked if I was going to get transfusion before I drive the car this year :rofl::rofl:
I would be interested in a write up on the coolant flush as I have heard that the drain plug/valve can give you issues. Plus there is something about reving the car up for 30 seconds at a time at 4000 rmp, I don't know, I can't remember, but a write up would remind me.:D

Did you change the power steering fluid?

I would also be interested in the Brake fluid change and how you got the fluid out of the antilock systems valving? Do you have a tool to cycle the ABS or did you just go out and activate the ABS to get the fluid to cycle through the ABS's valve system? I realize you can bleed normally, but there is fluid tied up in the ABS's valves that only moves when the system cycles.

You know, I was driving to work this morning and it hit me - power steering fluid - I didn't change all the fluids. I wondered who would catch that first, thanks for pointing it out Riley :rofl:

I just followed the service manual for flushing the coolant. First I used a syringe to take all the coolant that I could out of the tank, then poured potable water in, then started the car and warmed it up to about 95 C, revving it up to 3000 rpm (as stated in the manual) once or twice. At that point the thermostat opened (the bottom of the rad was warm) so I shut it down and released the pressure through the tank cap, then drained through the drain cock in the rad. Use a 1/4" drive to open it and let it drain. I drained about 8 liters. I filled it up with potable water and repeated this twice. The second time the coolant was coming out fairly clear looking. For the last fill I put in 4 liters of Dex Cool and 4 of potable water and warmed everything up again. The first time out I will take it for a short run and top it off if required with Dex Cool.

As for the brake fluid, I just used my syringe to remove the dirty fluid from the reservoir and put in clean fluid, then bleed at each wheel until clean fluid came out. I didn't touch anything with the ABS valve.
Yes, I am very sneaky with the questions. I just know enough to get myself in serious trouble. :rofl: Good to know about flushing the rad a couple times. I am looking forward to getting some new coolant in my car. The rest can be done a bit later. You know, I don't think I have ever changed my power steering fluid in any vehicle, it just goes by unnoticed. I've never even been asked to have it done....weird.
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