Joanne's sister lives in Calgary and says it looks like a war zone. Army and police everywhere, deer foot is gridlock as people are getting away. Downtown is completely shut down. Long lines ups at the grocery stores as people stock up. No boil water advisory, yet.

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It is a tragedy. One of the sad parts of how areas were settled, along coasts, rivers and flood plains as boats were the mode of transportation for so many for so long. Not to mention flood plains being covered by such nice soil and grass - easy to put to the plow as there were no trees.

But people forget that these areas do flood, and while in Canada, or western Canada anyway that means that they have only been settled for maybe 2 to 300 years by European settlers and that seems like a long time, compared to the age of the earth it is the blink of an eye and water events like this are actually common if you look at it over say a 10,000 year time frame.

Still I can't imagine what it feels like to be forced away from your home, what you are going to face when you return and the damage to property and people's lives.

And now we get to add cars from Calgary that may be flood damaged to cars coming out of the US from places like Florida and Atlanta so beware of deals in the near future......


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The north Saskatchewan river is expected to rise by ten to twelve feet in the next 72 hours.....they have already dropped Tobin Lake 5 feet in anticipation of the excess water..Cumberland House (native reserve) has been evacuated....


Saskatoon is pretty unaffected except for a couple road closures that would only amount to a slight inconvenience. I think we get away lucky with floods. I hope the in-laws do alright. The house is up high but the boat launch and everything by the lake is built on sand. I'm going to go check out our river today.
Calgary's Saddle Dom is flooded up to the 10th row...WOW

And with only one cup to bale itself out with, I think a new arena deal in Calgary just got fast-tracked..........

Seriously, the flooding is worse than I could have imagined. Many friends, customers, and other people I know are completely devastated. I'm back next week for work--I'll be bringing my grubbies to help clean up I believe.
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