Dec 26, 2009
Ponoka, AB.
2014 C7 3LT Z51
So we finally have some nice spring weather..........had the vette out for a nice first run. Anyone else around have there's out yet?? Plan on doing a nice run tomorrow...........have only seen one other vette out so far this spring. Come on boys/girls time to get them out!!

My buddy had his 2008 Z06 out yesterday.

I'll wait till early May


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Well I'm sad to say it is snowing again here in Midland this a.m. Hopefully, it isn't going to stay very long but it is becoming a bit trying to say the least. I think May is going to be the earliest to get the ZR1 out for her first run. Real bummer!
Well, sorry to pile on the "we finally have great weather" bandwagon navion as I feel bad for you but yesterday and today are going to be sweeeeeeet!

Vince (xlr8r) is already giving me crap for not having the vette out!:rofl:

But I want to wait at least a week to see what the weather is going to do, see how the streets dry up, sweep up my front street, etc, etc, etc.

Great pics of vettes coming out from hibernation so far!
I checked on my storage location, door snowed in. Great security but crappy for access now! Planning on getting it out late next week as I'm busy till then. Can't wait and it's driving me mad, only 26 days till May 4th and the meet and greet in Ponoka.
Had an awesome 300+klm drive today with my wife................some shopping.............a nice lunch...........a great day. Plus 21C near Calgary today 16C nearer to home. Hope everyone can get their vettes out soon!!
Seen My first Vette on the road today, Yellow C5 Convert, Looked like a couple of people coming back from shopping.....

So I gave them a wave, as I had just left the driveway with my C5 for the first time this year.

Spring is here.....
Somebuddy, did you order that Wind Restrictor for your car? If it was +21 you should have had the top down!
Rocky, there was quite a bit of wind and dust in the air so my wife and I went with the top up.............also the further north we went from Cross Iron the cooler it got.........maybe next week.
Wind restrictor...............are you talking like the one you have for back pressure? No I haven't ordered yet.
Bring your wife on May 4th and you guys can take my car for a run to see the differecne the restrictor makes. Your wife will LET you buy one! Haha!
Mine is out ,we got three days of rain and 50 degree weather .I even registered it this year .Interesting law down here .One state can't enforce another states laws .Therefore I bought the car new in New Hampshire which is a tax free state .Than I registered it once in New Hampshire and I drove it without registering until this year .So I was free as a bird in 49 states (except New Hampshire )

Going to the beach this weekend ,top down :D
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