Jan 29, 2009
Toronto, Ontario
Last run of the season up to Webers, providing the weather cooperates. After this, cars start to go into hibernation for the following 4-6 months.

Saturday Oct 25.

Initial meet up at the Canadian Tire Gas bar on Hwy 400 just north of Major Mackenzie at 10-11am. I hope to see 100 cars for my last cruise of the year. Anyone is welcome to join.

I think I'll head straight up the highway this time. Nothing fancy. Anyone coming from the east or west can meet us along the way. It's almost 10 minutes to Hwy 9, so you can do a rolling meet. I'll try and do a single line up the middle lane.

And then on to Gravenhurst for some buttertarts or other pastries via Southwood Road.

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What time will you be arriving at Webers and I will be there. I am coming from Midland. Last time I waited over an hour and finally left because of no shows in July I think it was.
What time will you be arriving at Webers and I will be there. I am coming from Midland. Last time I waited over an hour and finally left because of no shows in July I think it was.

Don't remember why we were that late that day, but we did end up at Webers. But I did a cruise in May, not July. A day that will live in infamy. :mad:

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We are leaving the Can Tire on the 400 at 11am and heading straight up, no detours or stops along the way. I figure around 1.5 hours so that puts it at around 12:30pm. It's only 100km so it shouldn't even take that long.
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Sorry my bad, it was May not July. Will see you guys at 12:30 on the 25th. I think the reason for the lateness now if I recall correctly was that some one got a speeding ticket.
Are there any 705ers that are thinking of going? Unless it snows I am going to go providing Stan says it is a go.

Let me know if you are thinking of joining up. Maybe we could meet up at Highway 35 and Monck Road area and head over to Highway 11 and meet up with the guys heading north or just meet up at Weber's.
Man I have never, ever seen my car so filthy dirty before. It was only offset by the smile on my face from perhaps one of the best times I have had with the car.

I think Stan said there were 57 cars at Weber's Hamburgers on Highway 11 just north of Orillia. Looked like more to me. Then we took some unknown back road from north of Washago to Gravenhurst that was just outstanding. Twists, elevation changes, much hard braking and just a great road for our cars. Saw several people sitting on porches with banjos, not sure what that was all a about. :rofl: Final stop was for butter tarts and other goodies at the bakery in Gravenhurst. There goes the diet.

It will take all day to clean up the car tomorrow and get it ready for the big sleep. But it is going to bed happy.

Well done Stan. :canada:
Sorry I did not make the trip to Webers. The weather here in Midland was absolutely abominable and I did think it would be a very nice time so decided to pass. Will make the next one. Glad everyone enjoyed the drive and hope all got home safe.
It started to rain hard just south of Minden on my way to meet up with the guys on Highway 11. Got stuck behind a manure spreader on the Monck Road :swear: and I knew that all my efforts with the Zanio Quick Detailer were for not.

One guy with a white C6 convertible managed to keep his car spotless, I have no idea how he did that. Lots of very dirty cars but everyone seemed to have a great time.

Navion I was looking for you, wanted to say hello. Maybe next year.

Stan the man--getting it all togeather for the tour!!!


Lots of support for Alex ---it actually only rained when we where at Webers!!!


Weber Run--pretty darn tasty burgs and fries too I might add!!


Thanx to Mike and Diane for organizing and supplying prizes for a draw with all the proceeds going to Alex!!


Mark and Pauly out on a Saturday to support Alex


The Corvette crew before the sign!!


Mike (Ragdoll) took the time to make up all the signs for Alex!! A true brother!!


The infamous turn off to the back road scatch'n section!!


It must be still summer Pauly has the top down still!!
Wow what a great way to end the year---this tour was fantastic!! A little bit of rain while we where at Webers---but the rest of the day was great---the tour--Webers--the buttertarts--and the drive home was excellent. And we raised some funds for Alex Stoefer along the way--it doesn't get much better than that!!!!
It started clouding up here later in the morning. Then the clouds opened up. Didn't last long and then started clearing. In hindsight we could have gone had we known how short lived the rain was going to be. There is always next year.

True, Keith. There is always a next time, or a next year. And the same decisions to be repeated over and over again unfortunately.
Im not sure if it was posted somewhere else on the forum.

Unfortunatly, the young man we held this run for.
Alex Stoefer passed away on October 29th after a 5 week couregous battle following a very serious motorcycle Accident.

Alex was a long time Corvette Forum member and an all around Great guy.
Those of us that frequent both forums will have seen the pages of condolences to his Family and Friends.

His funeral will be Saturday November 8 2014.

RIP Alex. you will be missed.
It was indeed a very sad ending to this great cruise day. I did not know Alex but the turnout and support from Stan's "Get Well Alex" cruise to Weber's and Gravenhurst indicated that he was well loved and will be missed. I don't think anyone expected the difficult news just a few days later.

Rest in Peace Alex.

My sincere condolences to his family and friends. A very sad outcome.
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