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Oct 30, 2013
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First of all Happy Fathers Day to all.

I have often wondered where this passion for cars that we have comes from. So I ask was or (hopefully) is your Dad a car guy?

My Father did some general maintenance work on his cars and he used to take me to the races at the Old Canadian National Exhibition stock car track in Toronto. But I don't think he was really a car guy. My Uncle was a Sprint Car driver and I think that is where I got the bug from.

How about you?

Have a great day, you deserve it. :D
We didn't have much $ during my time growing up at home and as such, we never had much opportunity for my dad to get into being a "car" guy. I say this with the caveat that since we always were driving beaters, about the only time you could call my dad a car guy was every time he was fixing them and that was all the time! He was still the best dad ever.
Yes and no :).

He lost his right leg above the knee in the war and his first vehicles were manuals with a metal bar from the brake to the clutch and a very basic throttle control that he threw together. No idea how he drove them but he certainly did. When we came back to Canada in '54 he managed to get an old Pontiac with an auto.

He was a very remarkable man and like those of us who have been "left behind" I really miss him. If your dad is still around please give him a day to remember.
My dad had a 65 vert with a 365hp 327 with side pipes when I was growing up so that got me into Chevys and Corvettes (I can still remember the smell of the exhaust). My uncle restores Mopars so that's where my love of muscles cars and the 60's came in.
My Dad is not much of of car guy.
He has always liked driving nice cars. We had allot of station wagons (4 kids) in the 60's. Then moved up to a few Oldsmobile 98's. Now he likes Lexus Suv's.

I don't ever remember seeing him wash or work on a car.

I got my vehicle passion from my Grandfather. He was a Big time car, boat motorcycle guy.

I'm very lucky to still have a Very vibrant healthy Dad. He's only 78 and teaches skiing at Lake Louise every winter.

Happy Fathers Day to All!!:canada:
I'm thankful to still have my dad at age 79 and doing very well. He was never much of a car guy but he always believed in having fun. He always had some sort of flying contraption around the farm. We had a great Fathers day together.

It's funny... I didn't realize how much of a car guy may dad is/was until about 2 years ago. I heard stories of the hot rods he had from my aunties but he never really talked about it. I bought the corvette about 7 years ago when I was 21 and he helped me with the initial money. I kinda got the feeling he thought it was a bad idea, but he let me do it anyway. No fast forward...Last year he bought a '57 Thunderbird and a '67 Camaro. Thunderbird is in fantastic shape and he drives it around for the summers. The Camaro needs body and interior work but is mechanically sound (although he is putting in the TH400 from my vette).

It is weird cause I never remember him talking about cars other than maintenance and cleaning what we had. Now he has two fun old cars. makes me want to get the vette done real bad so we can go for a drive.

I never thought of my dad as a "car guy", but he did love car's. I guess that's why he built an 8 car garage!

He wasn't a muscle car guy, well I guess maybe a little since he did buy a '96 Camaro Z28 rag top. Before that it was European, Audi's (2000's, A8 ), Jag '82 V12 vanden plas customized by Russel Porsche, and some Merc's, my mom still has the '65 230SL.

Always thought I'd be buying a Porsche, but then I saw the new C7 and was hooked.

Thanks for the thread, brings back good memories!
My Dad was a car guy.He passed away last year at 88 1/2.
He had a 59 Chev 348, 63 Chev SS 66 Galaxie 500 vert with a 428 motor, a 69 Gto 2, 4 speed 70 Gto judges, 2 71 Grand prix's 2 Torondo's A 82 vette a 450 Benz Vert and was going to buy a GT 40 Ford but he could not drive at that point but thought he needed one.
He used to take me the EX stock car races alot
Ted Hogan was our idol.
I did not have a chance.
My son owns 3 Can Am Midget race cars and my grandsons are in karting same as he was at age 9.
We never got into any trouble as we were busy working on cars. and karts.
guess you could say Dad was a car guy, he started wrenching on machinery in the early 30's and by 1938 he had a small town GM dealership until 1972.... not sure if he liked cars but he sure liked the lifestyle, and I started enjoying them as far back as I can remember ...
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