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Jan 29, 2009
Toronto, Ontario
Fall Colours Cruise Sunday Oct 20th

Cruise is cancelled for Saturday, rescheduled for Sunday.

Meet at the Tim Hortons at Hwy 7 and 12 in Brooklin, Ontario.

Departure Time: 10AM (so be there before)

EDIT #1: For those coming from the west side of the 400, there is a meetup at 8-9AM at Yorkdale Mall for the cruise to Brooklin. The meet spot is the same as the HDR spot. North parking lot in front of the Bay right by the highway. Then cruise 401 east to Brock Street (this is the 2nd Brock) and head north about 8km to the Timmies at Hwy 7.

EDIT #6 (10-11-13): Lunch is back on at Deerhurst. I've talked to the coordinator at Deerhurst and he's agreed to the following:

Deerhurst said:
If you are coming on Saturday and ordering off the regular menus no deposit is required as food is prepared to order. If you are coming on the Sunday and attend the Sunday Brunch, no deposit will be required as we are already preparing that brunch.

This is going to be a full day of cruising. Here are pics from the 2012 fall cruise.

Cruise Checklist:
Route Directions - I'll have written directions for everyone at the meet up
Full tank of gas - There is an Ultramar and a Shell across the street at the Brooklin meeting spot if you need to fill up
GPS/Maps (just in case)
Snacks/Drinks for during the drive
Warm/Cool Clothing - if it turns out to be a warm day, you may want to dress down or if it's a cool day, you may want to dress up
FRS Radios - Set to Channel 5.0
Cameras - Video and/or still
Emergency Contacts in your phones (maybe have a couple of phone numbers from people on the route. My cell is 416-450-7214)
In a large cruise like this, it also is a good idea to have a buddy car with you. Someone from the group can be your buddy car in the event you get lost or break down or something along those lines so that you're not left alone.


EDIT #3 (10-05-13): People were curious as to how many cars so I added to the roll call tally.

Roll Call: (41 cars/65 people yes + 16 cars/24 people maybe's)
Zeeman28a - Stan
Raggdoll - Mike
Patman - Pat + 1
07VYC6 - Sandy & Casey
LS12NV - Rocco
GrandPrixRollsOut - Greg + 1
use2bl8 - Jeff
KidneyBoy - Mike & Val
Climatemaster - Alan + 1
Slacks - Bruce
e-sarge - Roy
arnies - Arnie & Shirley
Retsujou - David
Braendle - ????
1990TorchRed - David & Tania
Manny & Carmen
Vetfever & The Cripp - Jack and Bill
RDBVette - Richard and Bonnie
Vicky87Red - Vicky
Obsheshon Mark - Mark & Carol + an MR2
3xvette - Steve & Janet
tony 69 ls6 - Tony & Nicole
CDN UFO - Randy
PAID4BYX - Dhonnie + 1
4 KRUSIN - Dave and Nancy
PaulUpTime - Paul & Jennie
Ol'Yella - Michael And Sherry
Paul and Sandra
stclarke - Stephen & Linda
guiceman55 - Tom
Joe + 1
Bosco47 - Jerry + 1
DigitalZ - Peter & Diane
Justin2013ls - Justin
Infernobuster - Chris & Tina + 1 Extra C6
Vince & Franca
Rich Farr + 1
sami85L98 - Sami (Most likely I will be in)
Jutskin - Chris (hope to make it) + 1 Extra P Car
RedZ4Me (Interested in a fall cruise)
5abvit - Mike +1 (Will be talking to the wife about doing this)
Ultimate Car & Truck - Bryon + 1 (I'll try to make it)
Mad*Max - Pankaj +1 (I'm a strong maybe)
Corrado - Corrado (Put me down as a definitely maybe, probably.)
Jeff (maybe)
JJvette - John + 1 (Would love to join, don't know yet)
Crusher - (Definate maybe)
91centerfold - Eric +1 (thinking about joining)
BabyBlue - Paul + 1 (trying...maybe)
scube - Dave +1 (I'm a maybe)
Soulsurfer - Pierre & Bonnie (may attend depending on the weather)
Lexshadow (if i end up not working im thinking of doing this!)
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Hi Stan From Barrie but may try to catch up to you by Brechin or Orillia and will confirm.

Sounds like a plan.

We're meeting up with a couple of cars in Washago (11&169) around 11:30 or so from the Wasaga Beach club if you'd like to go there.

Let me know if you're a +1 though so I can reserve the right number of tables.
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My wife(Colleen) and I are thinking about joining in on this great event. We will come up on Friday night from London so we will need a place to stay somewhere near the beginning of the cruise. Any recommendation would be appreciated. Maybe around Orillia?
Another update to the OP. It's EDIT #4.

I'm not too familiar with hotels in the area, but The Days Inn sounds like a great place to stay. I believe it's just across the street from Casino Rama too.

And Washago is just up the road so you can meet up with the couple of other drivers for cruise. I had planned a stop in Washago, but not sure how I'm going to handle 40 cars thru there, but we'll manage.

See you on the 19th.

On another note, it's still 10 days away and I have till the 15th to confirm the banquet hall for lunch, but, long term forecast shows rain on the 19th but sunny on the 20th. I won't make the change now as we all know forecasts change on an hourly basis, but I am thinking of moving the cruise to the 20th, if the weather forecast looks the same at the time of booking on the 15th.

Please let me know if you're able to attend on either day.

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2 Days till go time!

For anyone interested, here's the breakdown of the cars expected for the cruise.

45 Corvettes
1 Saturn Sky
2 Nissan GTRs
5 Camaros
2 Porsches
1 Chevrolet SS
1 Toyota MR2

However, long term forecast isn't looking good at this time.

In Toronto
Saturday, October 19 12 Feels like 10 40% POP Cloudy with showers
Sunday, October 20 10 Feels like 7 20% POP Variable cloudiness

In Huntsville
Saturday, October 19 9 Feels like 6 70% POP Cloudy with showers
Sunday, October 20 8 Feels like 5 80% POP Cloudy with showers

Lets see what tomorrow brings.
Looks like this weekend won't be cooperating with us. If both days are a wash, I won't be rescheduling this until next year. By this weekend, most of the leaves will be on the ground, not in the trees, and all the bright and vibrant colours will be gone.

But next year, weather permitting, I'm scheduling this fall leaves colour cruise for the weekend before Thanksgiving. :thumbs:

Everyone needs to check the forum prior to leaving Sat or Sun morning for Brooklin. I'll have the yay or nay posted around 7am or so. Or you can check with the weather services. If it shows rain for the day in Whitby and Huntsville, the cruise is off.
Thanksgiving weekend would have been a bust though. I've tried setting up a cruise on that weekend a couple of times, and almost everyone had an excuse not to come.

Setting up cruises this late in the calendar is more hit and miss though. But it's been a great summer this year with hardly and rain out's.

Today (Friday) would have been a beautiful day for this drive.

Saturday, October 19 10 Feels like 8 90% Light rain
Sunday, October 20 9 Feels like 8 40% Isolated showers

Saturday, October 19 12 Feels like 10 90% Light rain
Sunday, October 20 12 Feels like 10 20% Cloudy periods

At this point, I'm pretty confident that Saturday will be a no go for us. I'll put up the final word around 6am Saturday to help those that are coming from farther out. If anyone is unsure, check out Environment Canada. If it still shows rain for Saturday, cruise is cancelled.

Huntsville, ON - 7 Day Forecast - Environment Canada

But it has happened once before, last year, the weather was all doom and gloom for a cruise I had planned, even on the day of the cruise, which I then cancelled, and the weather ended up being great that day.
Ok you know what. I'm calling it now. Every weather report I'm reading for all the different weather sites is reporting lots and lots of rain for Saturday. So let's reschedule for Sunday.

Rain or shine, it's on, on Sunday.

Thanks everyone.
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