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Mar 9, 2009
Saskatoon, Sask.
2005 vert
Going to go a different route so I am selling these parts...all brand new. Regular prices below each item.

#1- $250
Our Patriot 225/229 billet cam is a great cam for the street. This cam will have a noticable idle and provide power from 1800-6000. We suggest our Patriot Gold spring kit (8401) and 7.400" hardened pushrods (8495), be used with this cam. *Always check PTV clearance when installing aftermarket cams. Technical Specs: Intake Duration: 225 @.050" Exhaust Duration: 229 @.050" Intake Lift: .580" Exhaust Lift: .590" LSA: 114+4 Suggested Spring: 8401
SKU 8421
Weight 9.00 lbs
Price: $280.00

#2- $200
LS1/LS6 Shaft mount/pedestal mount aluminum roller rockers, 1.8 Ratio
Brand: Proform, Mfr Part#: 67941
Lowest Price $231.79
Product Details
LS1/LS6: Rid your engine of internal friction with roller-tipped rocker arms. The race-proven full needle bearing, fulcrum and roller tip not only unleash horsepower, they also lengthen valve train component life and reduce wear and tear on valve stem tips. Precision machined to insure consistency and ratio accuracy. 16 extruded aluminum roller-rockers, and Allen bolts included.

#3- $225
Patriot Performance's legendary Gold spring kit is probably the most used "drop-in" LS dual spring kit in the LS community. These complete spring consists of 16 Patriot Gold dual springs, 16 titanium retainers, 32 Super 7 Machined locks, 16 .505" ID machined spring bases, and 16 viton rubber seals. This kit will work with both stock and aftermarket rocker arms. No cutting or machining of the stock spring pocket is needed. *1 kit required per pair of heads. Technical Specs: Install Height: 1.800" Max. Valve Spring Lift: 0.650" Spring Pressure Closed: 135 lbs. @ 1.800" Spring Pressure Open: 375 lbs. @ 1.150" Coil Bind: 1.090" Retainer Material: Titanium
SKU 8401
Weight 6.00 lbs
Price: $255.00

#4- $90
Patriot Performance 7.400" hardened pushrods are a must for any aftermarket cam install. These pushrods are a 1 piece, heat treated, 5/16", .080" wall pushrod. *Sold as Set of 16. **It is always best to check valvetrain geometry to determine correct pushrod length. Technical Specs: Material: Steel Outside Diameter: 5/16" Wall Thickness: .080" Overall Length: 7.400"
SKU 8495
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $105.00
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